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Below you see the future at the Coffee Gallery Backstage. 

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FRIDAY DECEMBER 19 8:00 P.M. $20


ROSIE FLORES... Rosie's reputation as a high octane rockabilly star is well established. Her music blends the best of surf, rock, country and blues with the traditional sounds of her Mexican-American heritage. Long an important figure in the Los Angeles, Austin, TX and Nashville music scenes she garnered Critical Raves from prestigious publications, The Los Angeles Times and Guitar Player Magazine, that left no doubt she found the switch that lights up rooms in every color of the rainbow. Rosie's musical personality will electrify the stage at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in a rare solo performance....a rockin‚ show, dressed to impress and not to be missed! A rare flower in a perfectly arranged setting.

Rosie's solos recordings have found homes on both the Billboard and Gavin charts and her tunes are featured in seven motion pictures. Her revved-up performances in honky-tonks from Boston to Bakersfield won her legions of fans. Star turns on broadcast television programs "Austin City Limits" and "Late Night with Conan O'Brian" established her credibility as a national player.

Of  course she, as do many others, is capping her career by "Going West" to The Coffee Gallery Backstage. It works for us. Wear smart party clothes.


GREG LEISZ...The word "ubiquitous" is usually placed in front of pedal steel player and guitarist Greg Leisz's name. With good reason -- the man's resumé is daunting, boasting spots with Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, Peter Case, Paul Westerberg, Me'Shell NdegeOcello, Victoria Williams, Joe Cocker, Dave Alvin, k.d. lang, Wilco, Lucinda Williams, Bruce Cockburn, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, and the Ventures...to name a few. Not to be pigeonholed in just roots music, Leisz (pronounced "Lees") has also played with the likes of Beck, Matthew Sweet, Bad Religion, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Brian Wilson.

Leisz is also somewhat of a stylistic chameleon: You can't pin down a distinctive style for him because he chooses to serve and accompany a song rather than place his mark on it. His creativity and open-mindedness as a musician have allowed him a genre roving usually not accorded renowned steel players.

During the '90s, Leisz also began making a name for himself as a producer, helming releases by such folks as Rosie Flores, Dave Alvin, Tom Russell, and Lisa Mednick.


Saturday December 20 Food starts at 1:30 PM., Show starts at 2 Pm. $15

featuring four of our favorite acts, Plus MAMA LICATA's Peruvian buffet and Pot Luck included.

Hosted by DUANE THORIN and the Gallery's newest young stars, the LICATA BROTHERS, This show stars two dynamic couples from our headline roster, LISA CARBE and JP DURAND of INCENDIO, and PAM LOE and CHAD WATSON of the Jangle Brothers and Tripping the Sixties. A real family show for the full Coffee Gallery Backstage Family.

Expect lots of seasonal favorite songs, some like you've never heard them before, and some designed to sing along to. And, of course, in the tradition of all fine reviews, the big Grand finale ending. Joy to All. Burn a Yule Log and eat pie.

Food starts at 1:30 PM., Show starts at 2 Pm. $15, bring a dish if you can. December 20.

Bob Stane Says:
A Christmas Party to unwind you. Relax, eat! Eat, eat, you don’t like the Peruvian food? Then there will be a potluck of lots of other samples. Bring something. Good music to wash it all down. Bring no beverages of any kind, just food if you feel like participating in Pot Luck. (Absolutely no alcohol to be brought or consumed).

SATURDA December 20 7:00 P.M. $22.50


JIM KWESKIN & JULI CROCKETT... Two stars on one bill. A stage delight in every way. Yes, “that” Jim Kweskin, the one of the Jim Kweskin Jug Band with the sensational JULI CROCKETT. Folk legend Jim Kweskin who, back in the day, shared stages with Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and The Doors, and stood toe to toe with them as a national star, will join JULI CROCKETT at The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

JIM KWESKIN created one of the bedrock guitar styles of the folk revival, adapting the ragtime-blues fingerpicking of artists like Mississippi John Hurt and Blind Boy Fuller to the more complex chords of pop and jazz. In the early 60’s, Kweskin founded the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, with Fritz Richmond, Geoff Muldaur, Bob Siggins and Bruno Wolfe. Maria Muldaur, formerly with the Even Dozen Jug Band, joined the band in 1963. Jim is a legend and a full fledged entertainer doing his thing all over America.
We are fortunate to have him, and with Juli this is a runaway show.

JULI CROCKETT... As a playwright/director, Crockett is best known for her adaptations of classic works of literature and philosophy. Her work has been presented at the REDCAT and 24th Street Theatre (Los Angeles), TENT group (Portland, Maine), and Red Room (New York); festivals: Downtown Film Festival's Sustainable LA and Edge of the World Festival (Los Angeles), Los Angeles Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Venue 13, Scotland.) - See more at: http://www.julicrockett.com/

She has starred with her band, THE EVANGENITALS, at The Cofffee Gallery Backstage. She is a great musician, songwriter and wit. A true Renaissance woman and a headliner on her own. JIM KWESKIN thinks she is "the top of the top," too. So does Bob. This is an outstanding production.

They will be joined on this special night by a truly spectacular backing band of jazz heavyweights, including bassist Edwin Livingston (Natalie Cole), violinist Benedikt Brydern (Hot Club Quartet), and pianist Michael Feldman (Evangenitals, Freddy and Francine). Don't miss it.


SUNDAY December 21 Noon Time Show @ 12:00 P.M. $18



formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2013 to perform Abby's original songs in a traditional yet unique bluegrass setting. The group focuses on arranging its material - originals and standards alike - to showcase the vocals and instrumentation simply and creatively.

Abby Hollander is a singer, guitar player, and award-winning songwriter (Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival 2014 Songwriting Competition) originally from Woodstock, NY. Coming from a family of musicians, she was raised on bluegrass. After moving to Brooklyn in 2011, she quickly found herself surrounded by incredibly talented players from all over the country.

Ellery Marshall, a Los Angeles native, provides thebanjo sound that is one of the group's trademark features. Jeff Picker, from Portland, Oregon, lends his remarkable skills to the guitar and vocals, and Dave Speranza, another talented musician from Portland, plays bass.

The band's debut album is set to release in the Spring of 2015, with a special pre-release at its December 2014 shows in Los Angeles. Recorded directly to tape at Seaside Lounge Studios in Brooklyn, NY, the self-titled album has 8 tracks, alternately driving and sweet, but always bluegrass." http://www.abbyhollander.com/


Also featured in the mid day show is EVAN MARSHALL...famedmandolin phenom and wit. A pickin' good time will be had by all.

Sunday December 21 3:00 P.M. $20 P. F. SLOAN with Creed Bratton

Two standing ovations last month at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. A sensational evening stuffed with music, history and good times. A gift from a legend in our time. Do not miss this matinee.
P. F. SLOAN......Just nominated to be inducted into The Songwriter's Hall Of Fame (about time):

P.F. Sloan will be performing his celebrated music and reading from his new book, What's Exactly The Matter With Me? Memoirs of a life in music along with co-author S.E.Feinberg. He has recently released a critically acclaimed new CD, My Beethoven, a collection based on the secret life and musings of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven. This will be an intimate evening of song and story.
P.F. Sloan may be the most famous singer-songwriter you never heard of.  But for those who grew up in Southern California in the golden glow of the mid-'60s, back when the music really mattered (to us, anyway), for a brief incandescent moment he produced the soundtrack of our lives.--Joel Bellman, L.A. Observed

Did you know he wrote "Secret Agent Man." He did it as an encore in his last performance here. Chills down your spine.
What a completely satisfying evening. He puts you "in the know."

Sloan wrote one of the most important songs in music history:  Eve Of Destruction-the song that awoke a generation, and gave people all over the world, a voice, and that gave 18 year olds the vote. And it still resonates today, as it is played on boom boxes by the young people in Hong Kong, marching toward freedom. He has written many famous songs for The Turtles, Johnny Rivers, The 5th Dimension, The Searchers, The Grass Roots, Herman's Hermits and many others as well as his own folk standards….

P.F. Sloan, a musical prodigy who was famously misunderstood by his own family and then by the music industry itself, clearly has a powerful connection with music and with Beethoven. But rather than minimize the greatness of the maestro, he's created a symphonic song cycle of much power and range which does justice to its subject. It's a masterpiece built on the music, and the life, of this man who made masterpieces. It celebrates music, and its cost to humans who create it so fully, and are ultimately transformed by their own creations.-Paul Zollo.


CREED BRATTON...one of the stars of The Office TV Show, and the Original GRASS ROOTS...will open the matinee show on December 21. http://www.creedbratton.com/#biography

So, CREED BRATTON, star of Rock Music and television comes to The Coffee Gallery Backstage for an encore performance with another star. Both encores.

P. F. Sloan is on the cusp of being inducted into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

Good for both of them and good for that cozy coffee bistro in Altadena. The Rolling Stone did an article of the 10 best Protest Songs and the one by PF Sloan, Eve of Destruction, came in for the first time at #5

Sunday December 21Sold Out 7:00 P.M.





Jim and Anne Curry Bring the Hits of John Denver to Coffee Gallery Backstage

Husband and wife team, Jim and Anne Curry deliver the multi-platinum hits of the great John Denver in a fun-filled evening of singing and stories. Jim plays the guitar and sings John's songs in a crystal clear tenor that will take your breath away. Anne, his wife and musical partner, plays guitar and mandolin and sings harmony in all the right places. You'll be invited to sing along, share in the memories, learn new songs and howl at the moon (literally!)

The music of the late John Denver is like an old friend, outlasting trends and standing the test of time. Join acclaimed performer Jim Curry for this tribute to the music of one of the most beloved singer/songwriters ever to grace the stage.

Tribute artist Jim Curry, who's voice was heard in the CBS-TV movie Take Me Home: The John Denver Story, has performed Denver's music in sold out shows throughout the country and has emerged as today's top performer of Denver's vast legacy of multi-platinum hits. Jim's uncanny ability to mirror John's voice and clean-cut look takes you back to the time when "Rocky Mountain High" "Sunshine" "Calypso" and "Annie's Song" topped the charts, and his popular music had the heartfelt message of caring for the earth and caring for each other.
Denver's message is worth repeating: "Be kind to the Earth and to each other. "

Jim will appear with his wife, Anne who plays mandolin and guitar, sings harmony and generally keeps Jim in line! Together, they will take you on a musical journey of the heart, where you will be invited to sing, clap your hands, stomp your feet and howl at the moon. Don't worry, you already know the words to the songs.

This show sold out.  New show Dec 22

Monday December 22 8 PM $18

New added show:  BIG CHRISTMAS SHOW


Jim and Anne Curry Bring the Hits of John Denver to Coffee Gallery Backstage

Husband and wife team, Jim and Anne Curry deliver the multi-platinum hits of the great John Denver in a fun-filled evening of singing and stories. Jim plays the guitar and sings John's songs in a crystal clear tenor that will take your breath away. Anne, his wife and musical partner, plays guitar and mandolin and sings harmony in all the right places. You'll be invited to sing along, share in the memories, learn new songs and howl at the moon (literally!)

The music of the late John Denver is like an old friend, outlasting trends and standing the test of time. Join acclaimed performer Jim Curry for this tribute to the music of one of the most beloved singer/songwriters ever to grace the stage.

Tribute artist Jim Curry, who's voice was heard in the CBS-TV movie Take Me Home: The John Denver Story, has performed Denver's music in sold out shows throughout the country and has emerged as today's top performer of Denver's vast legacy of multi-platinum hits. Jim's uncanny ability to mirror John's voice and clean-cut look takes you back to the time when "Rocky Mountain High" "Sunshine" "Calypso" and "Annie's Song" topped the charts, and his popular music had the heartfelt message of caring for the earth and caring for each other.
Denver's message is worth repeating: "Be kind to the Earth and to each other. "

Jim will appear with his wife, Anne who plays mandolin and guitar, sings harmony and generally keeps Jim in line! Together, they will take you on a musical journey of the heart, where you will be invited to sing, clap your hands, stomp your feet and howl at the moon. Don't worry, you already know the words to the songs.



THE UNTOUCHABLES....Untouchables Jazz Band....return to The Coffee Gallery Backstage for a very special jazzy holiday performance. This talented group of musicians first came on the Pasadena jazz scene four years ago, and perfected their youthful approach to jazz right here on The Coffee Gallery's Backstage.

The five members of  The Untouchables spent the past four months apart, sharpening their skills at institutions of higher learning around the world.

Keyboardist Eric Engler grew up in Chicago's suburbs listening to jazz tunes, taking piano and trumpet lessons. After moving to La Canada, he happily spent his high school years playing with jazz with The Untouchables. He continues to play both piano and trumpet and is currently studying Jazz Performance and Recording Arts at Baltimore's Peabody Conservatory.

Drummer Shan Haupt is beating his drums all over Europe as he studies at The American University of Paris, France. Shan is studying how jazz is interpreted throughout different regions of Europe and is the undisputed king of the music room at AUP.

Vocalist Nora Sagal is currently performing with the Harvard Opportunes while attending Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While charming audiences with her jazzed up interpretations of holiday favorites, you may recognize Nora's voice. Nora sang “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” in the George Clooney movie, “The Monuments Men.”

Bass player Joshua Spry studies Music at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, where he also plays with the College's Jazz Ensemble. Although he's a music major with an emphasis in trumpet, Josh passionately plays the typical jazz acoustic stand-up bass and the bass guitar when playing with The Untouchables.

Saxophone player Matthew Schwartz currently performs with University of California - Berkeley's Jazz Ensemble, a group of ten elite musicians, ranging from two freshmen to graduate students. Matthew is the only alto sax in the Jazz Ensemble, which performs in various venues in the Berkeley area.

As Pasadena Weekly's John Sollenburger said: “All The Untouchables members bring serious chops and a dedication to the genre that goes beyond their years.”

The Untouchables' classy, jazzy style is sure to put you in a holiday mood!

**A portion of the evening's proceeds will benefit Pasadena's Union Station Homeless Services. In the spirit of the holiday season, The Untouchables also request that attendees bring a pound of coffee to donate to Union Station. Thank you!

Sunday December 28 2:00 PM. $10 THE ISLA ECKINGER QUARTET....JAZZ FOR THE SOPHISTICATED at a price
for The Bohemian. FROM SWITZERLAND WITH LOVE. Gobble it up.

Isla Eckinger - vibraphone and trombone / Riner Scivally -guitar / Roger Shew - bass / Tim Pleasant - drums.

Isla Eckinger (vibes and trombone) is from Basel, Switzerland. He has performed and/or recorded with a veritable "who's who" of jazz: Mal Waldron, Hank Jones,Stephane Grappelli, Dexter Gordon, Jimmy Cobb and Philly Joe Jones to name a few. This concert will feature his original jazz compositions as well as jazz standards. Isla is known for his virtuoso melodic playing and his intelligent musical interplay with the other musicians.

For this concert, he will be accompanied by Riner Scivally (guitar), Roger Shew (bass) and Tim Pleasant (drums). This is a well-seasoned group of jazz improvisers with a fine sense of swing and will prove to be a not-to-be-missed concert . www.rinerscivally.com

Sunday December 28 7:00 P.M. $15 MATT WITLER & BRONWYN KEITH-HYNES

Matt Witler is a Boston based mandolin player who grew up in the Los Angeles area. Starting on the fiddle at the age of nine, Matt fell in love with old time and bluegrass music. At the age of 14 he picked up the mandolin and began to study music in earnest. Matt has spent the last four years studying at the Berklee College of Music. While Matt is rooted in the bluegrass tradition, he has explored and been influenced by Jazz, classical, and pop music. In 2012 he won first place in both the mandolin, and flatpick guitar contests at the Rockygrass bluegrass festival. Matt is a founding member of the Lonely Heartstring Band, a progressive acoustic band that is quickly gaining acclaim in the bluegrass community.

Bronwyn Keith‐Hynes is a Boston-based musician originally from Charlottesville, Virginia. Accepted on a scholarship to Berklee College of Music at age 16, she graduated in 2013 with a Professional Diploma in Violin Performance. Bronwyn is fast gaining recognition for her fiddling across bluegrass and acoustic music circles. Her playing, improvising, and writing are informed by her past five years of intense immersion in the Boston acoustic music scene and time spent studying traditional Irish and Cape Breton music before moving to Boston. Bronwyn has performed with Peter Rowan, The Milk Carton Kids, Anais Mitchell, Joe Pug and Tony Trischka. In 2014 Bronwyn won first place in the Walnut Valley Old Time Fiddle Championship in Winfield, KS. Bronwyn was on staff this summer at Berklee College of Music Five Week Program, teaching private string lessons.

Matt and Bronwyn will be playing original instrumental tunes, as well as their favorite bluegrass numbers, folk songs, and fiddle tunes. It'll be a fun show! SUPER STAR SHOW BY MUSICAL PHENOMS. HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. JUST THIS ONCE. JUST FOR YOU.


Friday January  2 8:00 P.M. $20



in both Italian and Spanish means “fire” and this moniker is fitting for a musical group whose sound is all about energy, exploration, and passion. At the heart of  INCENDIO’s sound is the Latin or Spanish guitar which can conjure up romantic as well as powerful and bold images – they refer to their style as “Latin Guitar World Fusion”. Averaging over 130 concerts a year for the last four years, INCENDIO’s live show has become an explosive improvisatory journey, garnering tremendous audience response in such diverse venues as the Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite, the Sundance Film Festival, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Huntington Arts Festival on Long Island, Ford Amphitheater, California World Festival, the Levitt Pavilions in Pasadena CA, Memphis TN, Westport CT, Bethlehem PA, Arlington TX, and many more.
Their latest summer 2013 release, "The Shape of Dreams" has been hitting #1 on the Amazon.com mp3 charts since its release and is playing on radio stations across the US, as well as Pandora and Spotify. INCENDIO is Jim Stubblefield (guitar), Liza Carbe (bass and guitar), and Jean-Pierre Durand (guitar). This evening the group will be joined by drummer Tim Curle. incendioband.com

Saturday January 3 7:00 P.M. $15

HARRIET SCHOCK....wrote the words and music to the Grammy-nominated #1 hit, "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady" plus many songs for other artists, TV shows and films, including the PBS children’s series, “Jakers, the Adventures of Piggley Winks.”.She has recorded 7 solo albums as a singer/songwriter. She and her band were featured in Henry Jaglom’s film “Irene In Time” performing 4 of Harriet’s songs. She also scored three other Jaglom films. Harriet starred in the play “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway” which ran for 10 months in Santa Monica, and later re-created the role in the film of the same name. Four of her songs were used in Karen Black's play, "Missouri Waltz" which played for 6 weeks in Hollywood and in Macon, Georgia. She has written the songs for "Last of the Bad Girls," a musical created by Diane Ladd. Very recently she has co-written the songs for "Platypus, the Musical." In 2014, her jukebox musical, “Split” opened to full houses in Hollywood. Jaglom’s latest film, ‘The M Word” features Harriet performing her song, “Bein’ a Girl” in the movie’s last scene. Harriet plays piano and Andrea Ross-Greene sings it. In 2007, L.A. Women In Music honored Harriet a Career Achievement and Industry Contribution award. She wrote the book Becoming Remarkable, for Songwriters and Those who Love Songs). She performs with her band in Los Angeles and teaches songwriting in person and online around the world.. Her big band includes Joe Lamanno, Andrea Ross-Greene, Jennifer Richardson and Kelly DeSarla.   www.harrietschock.com.

BROOKE RAMEL....is one of the most successful independent artists of the last 10 years. She has sold over 50,000 CDs, placed 50+ songs in tv/film, performed thousands of live shows and produced 6 original albums.

In addition to performing solo and headlining with her own band, Brooke has opened for many legendary artists and some of her greatest inspirations – Shawn Colvin, Marc Cohn, Raul Malo, Colin Hay, David Wilcox, Melissa Manchester, Lisa Loeb, Nancy Griffith, David Gates, and Bill Medley, to name a few. In 2006, Brooke sang background vocals for Ziggy Marley's album, "Love Is My Religion". That year, she was also a featured performer on an episode of the PBS series, "Branson Jubilee", which aired nationwide.

Sunday January 4

3:00 P.M.



The "real deal" from Ireland, Ken O’Malley's rich, resonant voice and engaging stage presence have delighted audiences for over 30 years. "He holds nothing back. Whether singing a passionate ballad, playing a solo on the mandolin, or explaining the gloriously sad history of  Erin his homeland, Ken O’Malley is all-in, wide open to the world, and as true as an arrow’s flight. Ken’s fine tenor voice could carry him through a show all alone, but he backs himself beautifully on guitar and mandolin. . . .His wonderful wit and good humor draw us in and carry us along, and the beauty of his songs, both traditional and original, fills us with irresistible joy."

Joining Ken onstage is Patrick D'Arcy, also from Dublin, one of the finest uilleann pipers in the United States. Patrick has toured extensively with many well known artists throughout the world and is also a talented pennywhistle and bodhran player. He is an expert on the culture and history of the Irish pipes and as such is a much sought after teacher and consultant. His work has been featured in many film, television and live theatre productions.

Bryan Dobbs is the “sound” of the Ne’er Duwels. Originally from New Mexico, Bryan adds the mysterious, the romantic and the attack that traverses the musical spectrum, accompanying on the mandolin, the acoustic guitar or the very creative, innovative sounds of his Fender Stratocaster.


Sunday January 4 7:00 P.M. $20 Another extraordinary presentation by the magical talent booking at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. How do they do it?

THE MISKEY MOUNTAIN BOYS are back! Slap-bassist extraordinare, John W. Marshall, who is currently being featured in the touring company of the Johnny Cash Tribute, THE RING OF FIRE, will in Los Angeles for just a few days in January. The MMB’s are taking full advantage of the opportunity and will be appearing at The Coffee Gallery Backstage in celebration! Rounding out the all-star line up is slap bass, vocalist and Irish dancer, Michelle Lynskey, virtuoso mandolinist, Evan Marshall and world class fiddler, guitarist and banjo picker, Duane Michaels.

Recently, they appeared in the 25TH ANNUAL IMAGINE AWARDS at the United Artists Theater in Downtown LA, and are going to be featured performers at the TOURNAMENT OF ROSES POST PARADE EVENT, January 1& 2, 2015.

Individually, they’ve performed all over the world, and at prestigious venues such as the HOLLYWOOD BOWL, various POPS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRAS, and have been featured performers in radio, television and film, including A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION with GARRISON KEILLOR, and HBO’S series, BIG LOVE. They are now delighted to be combining their talents and expertise to create this incredible, one-of-a-kind band.

This wonderful show consists of unique and exciting musical arrangements that incorporate hints of jazz, classical and swing with traditional Bluegrass, and includes such innovative elements as double double slap-bassing, blazing fiddle duets, driving Bluegrass tunes, amazing vocals and harmonies, and powerful step dancing. Add in the joy and camaraderie of these long time friends, and you have an evening of fun and music you won’t soon forget.

Friday January 9 8:00 P.M. $20 From New York City with Klezmer love and hinting of chamber music skills and sensitivity. Performedat The Kennedy Center and with many, many big stars and toured Europe. Big Deal.

The YIDDISH ART TRIO ...Featuring three of the top New York Klezmer musicians, they blend infectious traditional melodies with new compositions, sumptuous chamber music-like arrangements and breathtaking improvisations, this rising new ensemble is out to redefine the sound of contemporary klezmer.

This California tour marks the momentous release of the trio's first self  titled CD. Featuring Patrick Farrell on accordion, Benjy Fox-Rosen on bass and vocals, and Michael Winograd on clarinet, these three performer/composers are stretching the limits of tradition, re-contextualizing Yiddish music for the concert hall and the dance floor. They incorporate elements of new classical music, minimalism, art song, as well as Yiddish vocal music, cantorial music and theater music.

The trio formed in Brooklyn, in early 2009 as the Michael Winograd Klezmer Trio, and has toured nationally and internationally to critical acclaim, performing at the Kennedy Center, Yiddish Summer Weimar and other major festivals. The trio has collaborated with the crème de la crème of the klezmer world, including Adrienne Cooper, Frank London and Lorin Sklamberg among others. Web Site Address: www.yiddisharttrio.com

The Yiddish Art Trio has set out to redefine the scope of contemporary Yiddish music. Deeply rooted in klezmer and Yiddish music, YAT uses traditional idioms to explore new forms and harmonies, vastly expanding klezmer's musical language. The musicians, recognized globally as authorities within their field, are known for their ability to harness the full range of tonal and expressive possibilities of their instruments, individually and as a trio. The music, whether ecstatic or introspective, is thoughtfully composed and brilliantly performed. The members of the Yiddish Art Trio are a tight-knit group of internationally accomplished, genre-transcending musicians. They have recorded and performed with such noted artists as Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Frank London, Adrienne Cooper, Cantor Yaakov Lemmer, Alicia Svigals and others. The band has toured throughout the United States and Europe, performing their music to appreciative audiences and critical acclaim...

Saturday January 10 Two Shows @ 2:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. $25 per show. TWO SHOWS ON SATURDAY!

DAVE STAMEY..... Voted Male Performer of the Year by the Western Music Association, winner of the Will Rogers Award for Male Vocalist of the Year from the Academy o f Western Artists, and a five-time nominee for Songwriter Of The Year, Dave Stamey is one of the most popular Western Entertainers working today. His vast repertoire of classic and original Western folk music represents a link between today's Americana singer-songwriters and the old-time cowboy balladeers. He has delighted audiences in seven states, and has found that he prefers this type of work to being stomped by angry horses.

Thursday January 15 8:00pm $15 Goodnight Moonshine featuring Molly Venter

Molly Venter & Eben Pariser

Work I've Done (M. Venter)

Willow Tree - live (Pariser/Venter)

Fields of Gold (Sting)

“Few singers turn first time listeners into eternal fanatics as effortlessly as Molly Venter… her voice is like an unbelievable burgundy; many notes, flavors, fragrances, and it all goes down like silk.” -- American Songwriter Magazine

Goodnight Moonshine is a collaboration of songwriters Molly Venter of the chart-topping Americana group Red Molly, and Eben Pariser of the explosive Brooklyn quintet Roosevelt Dime. Steeped in the 90's alternative music of their youth, Goodnight Moonshine plays modern folk music with brazen vocals and roots & blues guitar. Imagery-rich stories and bold melodies create a sound that is both celebratory and mournful, reminding the listener of what it felt like to fall in love with a band for the first time.

Molly Venter has been making music professionally since 2004, has released 4 solo albums and toured extensively. Her early music was featured on Warner Brothers ski movie "Impact", as well as promotional Jeep material (2005 &06). Love Me Like You Mean it (2008) was distributed by Barnes & Noble and featured on over 400 listening stations across the country. Two songs from the album appear on all in-store Apple computers for listeners to peruse. Venter also co-wrote and performed the closing credits song in the 2012 indie-film "Audrey". Her songwriting has earned her placings in the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Contest and Rocky Mountain Folks Fest Songwriter Showcase.

Sunday January 18 7:00 PM. $18


Two Bay area Celtic Harpists and multi-instrumentalists Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter will be performing rare instruments and stories at The Coffee Gallery Backstage on Sunday, Jan 18 at 7:00 PM.

The show features Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter playing two Celtic harps, the rare Swedish Nyckelharpa, Ukranian Bandura, with assorted instruments from the mandolin, cittern and bouzouki family. The audience will hear Traditional instrumental music from Sweden and Ireland as well as hearwarming original compositions blended with stories from the adventurous lives of these modern day troubadours.

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter are a Celtic harp and multi-instrumentalist duo. They share a background as progressive rock musicians who later discovered a love for folk and world music on acoustic instruments. Six years ago they teamed up and have performed together at festivals and concerts ever since. They hail from San Francisco and tour extensively, both as a duo and as collaborations with some of the biggest names in folk and world music. They have sold well over a million albums combined, and teach several topics at music camps and conferences. Their expertise include music arranging, improvising, Nordic music, therapeutic music, street performing and music business. Their remarkable show leaves audiences spellbound with their inspiring stories and enchanting compositions.

Lisa Lynne is a multi-instrumentalist and performer who has gained worldwide recognition for her original music featuring her Celtic Harp. She is widely acclaimed for composing memorable and heartwarming melodies on the Windham Hiill/Sony music labels that have repeatedly placed in the Top 10 & Top 20 on the Billboard New age music charts. Lisa tours year round performing at lthe finest US festivals and performing art centers. Her work in Therapeutic music and “Hands-on-Harps” programs have gained national recognition from NBC, CNN, Fox News Atlanta and numerous newspaper and magazine articles including Wall Street Journal. Lisa's music is heard throughout the award winning PBS special "Alone in the Wilderness," amongst many other soundtracks for commercial television and independent films. Lisa performs regularly as a solo artist, and with Aryeh Frankfurter, Patrick Ball and the Windham Hill tours. She was recently named one of the 50 most inspiring women by Los Angeles Magazine. www.LisaLynne.com

Aryeh Frankfurter is a renowned Celtic harper and world traveling multi- instrumentalist who went from virtuosic progressive rock violin to intricate Swedish folk and Celtic Music. He began with Classical violin at the age of three, his early studies and successes led him to explore various ethnic and international musical genres. Aryeh has performed for Prince Charles as well as some of the worlds top International music festivals. He has 17 albums to his credit, works on film and television scores as composer and arranger, and continues to teach himself to play a variety of instruments most recently the rarely seen Swedish Nyckelharpa. He earned his masters in philosophy as he was becoming one of the most successful street performers in the US, which he’s been ever since. He is a full time musician and producer whose uncommon approach to the Celtic harp and folk harp repertoire, his critically acclaimed albums have earned him high regard as an artist of extraordinary talents and abilities. www.Lionharp.com


Thursday January 22 8:00 P.M. $15 TIM MAY is The Nashville Scene Reader's Poll 2012 Best Instrumentalist of the Year and is Grammy nominated for his guitar work on Charlie Daniels' 2005 release of 'I'll Fly Away". His vocals and songwriting were described by Music Row Magazine's Robert Oermann: “call it bluegrass, call it acoustic, I call it heartfelt." Tim's show is an entertaining mix of virtuoso acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo, dry Mississippi wit, and compelling vocals and songs. He has been a regular on the Grand Ole Opry with Mike Snider and has performed as one of America's premier acoustic musicians on tour and in the studio with Patty Loveless, Eddie Rabbitt, Rodney Dillard, John Cowan and the Moody Blues. When he is not performing in the US and abroad; Tim May teaches Guitar, Banjo and Mandolin workshops for all levels of pickers across the country and has co-authored a series of Instructional Guitar and Mandolin music books featured in Flatpicking Guitar Magazine. Tim's vast knowledge of stringed instruments translates directly to his love of building fine Guitars and repairing tired Violins. Tim's 7 CDs illustrate his wide range of musical diversity and talent that you will see. Web Address: timmaymusic.net


Thursday and Friday matinee


29 & 30

3:00 P.M. AND 8:00 P.M Both shows are $20 per ticket.

The Limeliters


The Limeliters, who, this winter, are celebrating 55 years of joyfully "Passing the Music On", return to The Coffee Gallery stage -- having recently completed a highly successful 17-city tour of The MId-West... With their energy and enthusiasm undimmed, the trademark sound and sense of fun endures. Current members Andy Corwin, Gaylan Taylor and Don Marovich remain as exciting an act as the folk genre has produced. Now more than ever, the surging vocals, thrilling harmony and whacked out sense of humor of this unique trio continue to earn them their title as The "Fabulous" Limeliters.

Opening act, The Honey-Lulus, is comprised of three charming and talented wahines (Kate Friedricks, Justeen Ward and Christina Linhardt) who perform vintage songs of the islands and dance like the swaying palms, live and in Technicolor! They promise to warm up your winter evening with their ukuleles and vocal harmonies, conjuring up balmy breezes, happy huki-laus and sunny shores -- a perfect entertainment extravaganza for all seasons! (after all, who doesn't love a campy Tiki show?)

This show will probably sell out, so reserve your seats soon...

This is "one of those acts." We could only get them for these, somewhat, odd times. Make a special effort...they are special and we
need a special audience. That would be you.


Sunday February 8 3:00 P.M. $ 15

Story Chicks presents their latest show, Food For Thought: A Delectable Journey Down Memory Lane.

CE Jordan and Terri MartinLujan raid the refrigerator to share their own delicious memories surrounding food. “Food For Thought” explores how food is such a central part of our lives. From food habits to food traditions, food defines our memories. A simple smell, a delectable taste can transport us back again to a special time. Story Chicks makes pancakes, popcorn, and pie a recipe for fun. Nothing like "playing with your food"!

This storytelling, dancing, singing duo will tickle your funny bone while tugging at your heartstrings; always a good combo! Story Chicks have a unique performing style and an original voice as they stage their own true stories of childhood, CE from Ojai California, and Terri from Houston, Texas. The homey venue of the Coffee Gallery Backstage is a perfect place for all to revisit their own food memories. Come 'hungry' and Bon Apetit!

Visit Story Chicks at www.storychicks.com


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