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February 2016
Thursday February 4 8:00 P.M. $15 DAVID GANS and MR. SMOLIN (Barry Smolin).....Also with CRAIG MARSHALL, the founder and lead guitarist of  CUBENSIS, Southern California’s pre-eminent Grateful Dead tribute band .A David Gans "solo electric" performance is likely to consist of several elements: country-blues-style fingerpicking; loop-based improvisations created live in the moment; sweetly-sung ballads, original or borrowed; Grateful Dead songs reinterpreted to suit his voice and guitar; wry observations of the music-festival subculture and the larger world; soulful and passionate political commentary; favorites from the folk-rock canon of the last 50 years. Mix and match - it's never the same show twice, but it's always worth a listen.

MR. SMOLIN....Mr. Smolin is the performance moniker of Los Angeles singer/songwriter Barry Smolin, whose solo piano/vocal performances have been delighting Los Angeles audiences since the 1980s. Smolin’s offbeat theatrical style--once dubbed “psychedelic cabaret music” by Village Voice critic Richard Gehr— promises an engaging, warm, and often emotionally moving performance, replete with witty thought-provoking lyrics and memorable lush melodies that will typically leave the audience humming and thinking all the way home. With 4 albums of original music under his belt—At Apogee (2003), The Crumbling Empire Of White People (2007), Bring Back The Real Don Steele (2009), Heaven’s Not High (2013)--and having composed music for the Showtime television series Weeds, Mr. Smolin has a large repertoire to draw upon in crafting the perfect set for each venue and audience. The Coffee Gallery Backstage is the ideal setting for Smolin’s creative explorations. Best known as the host of the radio shows The Music Never Stops (1995-2012) and Head Room (2012-Present) on KPFK 90.7 FM in Southern California, Mr. Smolin (aka Barry Smolin) has been writing songs for 30 years in a variety of genres, finally settling on a piano-based offbeat pop sound that reflects influences ranging from Stephen Foster and Hoagy Carmichael to poet-artists like Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen to singer/songwriters like Cat Stevens, Harry Nilsson, Elton John, Randy Newman and Tom Waits to pop eccentrics like Gilbert O'Sullivan and Tim Buckley, and theatre composers like Jerome Kern and Stephen Sondheim,

Friday February 5 8:00 P.M. $20

Celebrated everywhere. Unique, creative and so musical. Mesmerizing. You will not forget your evenings with INCENDIO.

BOB STANE SAYS TO HIS BELOVED PATRONS OF THE ARTS...."Incendio now fills every show and every seat. I do not like to send you
away with "sorry, sold out" ringing in your ears. Call now. You know I like you and want you so let us not pretend. Use the electric telephone now.

INCENDIO....in both Italian and Spanish means “fire” and this moniker is fitting for a musical group whose sound is all about energy, exploration, and passion. At the heart of INCENDIO’s sound is the Latin or Spanish guitar which can conjure up romantic as well as powerful and bold images – they refer to their style as “Latin Guitar World Fusion”. Averaging over 130 concerts a year for the last four years, INCENDIO’s live show has become an explosive improvisatory journey, garnering tremendous audience response in such diverse venues as the Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite, the Sundance Film Festival, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Huntington Arts Festival on Long Island, Ford Amphitheater, California World Festival, the Levitt Pavilions in Pasadena CA, Memphis TN, Westport CT, Bethlehem PA, Arlington TX, and many more.
Their latest summer 2013 release, "The Shape of Dreams" has been hitting #1 on the Amazon.com mp3 charts since its release and is playing on radio stations across the US, as well as Pandora and Spotify. INCENDIO is Jim Stubblefield (guitar), Liza Carbe (bass and guitar), and Jean-Pierre Durand (guitar). This evening the group will be joined by drummer Tim Curle. incendioband.com

Saturday February 6 3:00 P.M. Matinee. $18. A Big Bargain. RATTLE THE KNEE... is based in Los Angeles and brings the traditional music of Ireland to this far western shore. It's members have performed in well known local venues including the LA Music Center and the Ford Amphitheater, places around the country including the Grand Ol' Opry, and far off places including the pubs and stages of Japan.

Patrick D'Arcy hails from Dublin Ireland but has spent most of his musical life as a very influential uilleann piper of Southern California. He tours regularly both nationally and internationally and has appeared on numerous recordings. His solo album, "Wallop the Spot" has received critical acclaim and radio play both in the US and in Ireland. He is a founding member of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club and teaches locally, remotely (via internet) and around the country at uilleann piping tionoil (gatherings).

Kira Ott is a fiddler from Los Angeles and has been very active on the LA Irish music scene for many years. As a child she studied classical viola, but left that behind to play Irish music as a teenager. After spending many winters traveling to Donegal Ireland to learn at the Frankie Kennedy Winter School she took a few summers festival hopping around Ireland, learning and playing with many of the greats. She has performed and toured with numerous bands and teaches locally.

Pat and Kira have been playing pickup gigs together for many years while each played in other local bands. Finally, under the name Rattle the Knee, they decided to make their music official. They've teamed up with Jimmy Murphy and Rattle The Knee was complete.

Jimmy Murphy, guitarist and mandolinist extraordinaire, has been a cornerstone of the traditional Irish music scene in southern California for over a decade. He has appeared in performance venues from the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles to temples in Japan. He has performed on KPFK's "Global Village" with Eric Rigler, on KPFK's "Folkscene" with Mick Moloney and as part of the band Ciunas, and live on KCSN's "Tied to the Tracks". Jimmy spent two years as a contracted musician in Japan; first as a soloist for Tokyo Disney Sea, then as a member of a band for Universal Studios, Japan, and finally as a key member for a four piece band again at Tokyo Disney Sea. He is the go-to guitarist for most Irish musicians in LA and has performed with both Pat and Kira in many musical configurations.

When you see Rattle The Knee, you will hear uilleann pipes, fiddle, and mandolin playing old dance tunes with driving rhythms on bodhran and guitar. Mixed in will be songs, marches and slow airs and maybe a story or two along the way. Enjoy the show!


Saturday February 6 7:00 P.M. $20

JIM KWESKIN & HAPPY TRAUM....real musical history and a great double headliner show.

Yes, "that" Jim Kweskin...who is probably best known as a singer and bandleader, but he also created one of the bedrock guitar styles of the folk revival, adapting the ragtime-blues fingerpicking of artists like Mississippi John Hurt and Pink Anderson to the more complex chords of pop and jazz. Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band was the original "Americana" band, playing everything from classic blues to hillbilly country, ragtime, jazz, and rock 'n' roll. Kweskin has maintained a remarkably consistent musical vision since his jug band days, continuing to explore traditional folk and blues with the sophisticated sensibility of a jazz musician and traditional jazz with the communal simplicity of a folk artist.

HAPPY TRAUM.... Happy Traum was smitten by American folk music as a teenager and began playing guitar and 5-string banjo. He was an active participant of the legendary Washington Square/Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1950s and ‘60s, and studied guitar with the famed blues master, Brownie McGhee. Over the past five decades he has performed extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan, both as a soloist and as a member of various groups. His avid interest in traditional and contemporary music has brought him recognition as a performer, writer, editor, session musician, folklorist, teacher and recording artist.

Happy's first appearance in a recording studio was at a historic session in 1963 when a group of young folk musicians, including Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Peter LaFarge and The Freedom Singers gathered in Folkways Records' studio for an album called Broadsides.Happy with his group, the New World Singers, cut the first recorded version of "Blowin' In The Wind", and Happy sang a duet with Dylan on his anti-war song "Let Me Die in My Footsteps.

Sunday February 7 7:00 P.M. $18


The inimitable roots rocker Phil Lee is not one of your grandparents’ Nashville stars. No, he’s one of those barely-discovered left-side-of-Nashville writers who probably doesn’t even know where Music Row is. Lee’s newest CD, Some Gotta Lose (Palookaville), rose to number 4 on Americana radio and hit the Top Ten list of Euro-Americana radio charts. The late Waylon Jennings said about Lee, “That guy needs to switch to decaf.” Lee recorded the new CD, filled with mainly original songs, in Upstate New York and mastered the recording in Nashville.

“A lot of thinking did not go into this record,” Lee quipped, adding with more seriousness that when the CD was sent to Nashville to be mastered and mixed, the engineers said, “Nothing needs to be fixed.”

Lee said, “Mainly I got the idea (for the CD) from never having a snappy comeback to the query, ’You’re so dang fabulous, how come I’ve never heard of you?’ My pat answer became, ‘Hey, some gotta lose.’”

Regardless of his self-deprecating humor, Some Gotta Lose is filled with original ballads and folk rock songs plus “If Frogs Had Wings,” where he channels Bob Dylan and Townes Van Zandt, also a tango to the Cajun-classic “Lil’ Liza Jane.” Lee can easily catch you off-guard, moving seamlessly from blues to a Beatles-influenced tune.

Associated Press described Lee as “combining the social consciousness of Woody Guthrie with the twisted fury of Jerry Lee Lewis.”

“I didn’t write ‘Great Balls of Fire,’ but I could have if I’d gotten here in time,” Lee said.

Writing about Lee in Nashville Scene, music journalist Jim Ridley said, “If Nashville had a Mount Rushmore with John Prine, Lucinda Williams and Guy Clark, Lee would be the fourth head.” Then Ridley asked, “Could this man be the best songwriter in Nashville?”

Some Gotta Lose is Lee’s 5th solo studio CD. Lee is a native of Durham, NC, whose music is “irreverent, ragged and beautiful in its simplicity” and who crafts songs that are home to a cast of social misfits, outcasts and people living on the fringe. Truly, as a former long-distance trucker, Lee has lived much of the colorful life about which he writes in his songs. Briefly, he was a member of the Flying Burrito Brothers.
To learn more about Phil Lee, visit his website at http://philleeone.com/


LUCAS PAPENFUSSCLINE. is A folksinger hailing from Northern California,who makes use of his background in classical, jazz, and traditional music to recompose conventional folk songs with fresh harmony, adapted stories, and haunting, soaring vocal lines. Lukas is currently touring the United States from North Carolina to California, and Washington back to Vermont alongside his banjo, guitar, and harmonium. Lukas has performed extensively abroad, including Paris, London, the Hague, Ankara, Doha, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Hong Kong and at home in Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

FRIDAY February 12 8:00 P.M. $18 "Folks, this is a hot as a "Tribute Band" can get. Pure entertainment and you can be the "first" to
experience it. Do not miss this. Call early." Bob Stane.

THE LION SONS.......Josh Reynolds, son of  Nick Reynolds, a founding member of the Bay Area’s seminal 60’s folk group, The Kingston Trio, along with two of  Nick’s closest musical allies outside of the original Trio, his nephew Mike Marvin and Mike’s musical partner Tim Gorelangton, have formed “The Lion Sons” to honor Nick and the original Trio’s energy, entertaining humor and crowd pleasing musical repertoire.

Banjoes, Martin D-28’s, Guild 12 string, Congas and Bongoes along with the requisite Bass player rounds out the sound that epitomizes the sound of the original Kingston Trio.

The music we play, the music of the Kingston Trio, is universal. It’s fun, funny, and poignant. It’s deep, and yet it can be frivolous, and at times even silly.
But after a Lion Sons concert, everyone goes home feeling good with a smile on their faces.

“It’s all about the music”
Nick Reynolds

Josh Reynolds
"Mike and Tim are like brothers to me. We are all very excited to keep this music alive with the band we have formed to honor my late father Nick Reynolds, an original founding member of the iconic 1960’s folk group, The Kingston Trio.
Dad was a Leo and it seemed natural and appropriate that when we formed our own singing group in his honor, we call ourselves The Lion Sons, as we are his “sons” in music. We proudly carry Dad’s music out to the world once again.”

Mike Marvin
“When I was a teenager, the Kingston Trio was the Beatles of their day.
Nick and Joan Reynolds took me in and gave me a home.
From then on, I was always "The second son," Josh’s adopted big brother.
After many musical and life tutorials by Nick, I later met my second musical mentor, Tim.
We played together in two popular Northern California groups, The Manzanita Jungle and the Cowboys.
Tim and I are two of the only people outside the Kingston Trio family that Nick Reynolds ever recorded actual Kingston Trio songs with. We were all very close”

Tim Gorelangton
“Mike and I showed up, unannounced, on Nick's doorstep on Elk River Road, near Port Orford Oregon, in the summer of '69. I'll never forget it. Nick welcomed me in. I was Mike's musical partner, okay, good enough for him. He treated me like family from the get-go.  I remember staggering in from his bunkhouse one morning, desperate for a cup of coffee, and he offered me some of Josh's leftover Captain Crunch cereal.
Wonderful. Amazing. A real regular guy. Great talent. Greater man."

Saturday February 13 7 PM $20
Monday February 15 8:00 P.M. $18


Living legend and improbable octogenarian Jimmy Angel rocks, karate chops, dances, croons, and belts his way into your heart with 50's and 60's classics and his own songs in that style....along with local stalwarts and veteran Purple Sagers Jimmy, Doug and Johnny Palmer who's guitar, bass, keys and drums will take Jimmy A's vocals to a whole new level for a night of 50's inspired magic. If you like a rockin' boppin' hand clappin' good time, rock 'n roll romance and the good old days real or imagined. Leave your cares behind and wander on in to catch Jimmy A's rockin' croonin' no foolin' take no prisoners debut at THE COFFEE GALLERY BACKSTAGE.



Escaping Pavement:

Detroit-based duo, Escaping Pavement, masterfully blends and blurs the lines of country, folk, americana, and rock, garnering favorable comparisons to artists as diverse as The Band, Chris Robinson, The Civil Wars, and Emmylou Harris. Their unique joint frontperson arrangement, with Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz sharing equally in singing, songwriting, and guitar playing, allows for astounding musical interplay.


Brad Colerick

No Depression Magazine called Brad Colerick's Tucson CD "one of the best independent Americana albums released in 2014." The Associated Press said "Colerick's stories are worth hearing in part because he makes singing sound so easy. His warm, sunny, homey tenor brings alive the characters, places and relationships in these 11 songs."



Bob Cheevers

A cult favorite in the UK where he has toured for more than a decade, Bob Cheevers continues to find inspiration in the life he’s chosen in Texas as well as the rich Southern heritage from growing up in Memphis. His rootsy, blues-flavored songs spin tales of life in a conversational language of the heart that rocks the soul.


THURSDAY February 18 8:00 P.M. $18

SALTY SUITES with guest act HELEN HUMMEL....


THE SALTY SUITES...... arrive at the Coffee Gallery for a night at their favorite burg playing for those they love, you and of course Bob Stane. Scott Gates, Chelsea Williams and Chuck Hailes will be picking and singing for you tunes old and new. Come have a coffee, a tasty snack and settle in for a night of great music. We will also have an amazing opening act to play for you and on top of all that, the best stage and sound in the whole Pasadena area! Come lend us your ears! The Salty Suites ~Scott Gates, Chuck Hailes, Chelsea Williams and Elaine Gregston are Salty Suites. Scott on vocals, mandolin and guitar; Chuck on bass and vocals; Chelsea Williams brings vocals and guitar, all bringing amazing musical expertise in both original compositions and covers ranging from old Ireland to current hits. Keep your eyes and ears wide open!   Two new CDs are in the works! The Suites will release their first live CD, plus another new one that is up and coming.



HELEN HUMMEL....Singer/songwriter, Helen Hummel, hails all the way from the green mountains of Vermont. Her music reflects the rural landscape of her upbringing and explores the styles of Joni Mitchell, Andrew Bird, and Jeff Buckley, among many others. Through classic and original songs, Helen fills out the limits of her vocal range, accompanying herself on bright and playful guitar

facebook.com/helenhummelmusic reverbnation.com/helenhummel
Helen Hummel


Friday February 19 8:00 P.M. $20 Tizer Trio - 2011 “Jazz Group of the Year” nominee

Lao Tizer - keys (former “Best New Jazz Artist” nominee, Special EFX, Down To The Bone)
Ric Fierabracci - bass (Grammy nominee, Chick Corea, Blood Sweat & Tears)
Gene Coye - drums (Larry Carlton, Stanley Clarke)

2011 “Jazz Group of the Year” nominee Tizer Trio will make their anticipated return appearance on Fri, Feb 19 @ The Coffee Gallery Backstage!

This acclaimed world, jazz, fusion powerhouse group features an all-star lineup of musicians. Led by pianist, keyboardist, composer and former “Best New Jazz Artist” nominee, Lao Tizer (Down To The Bone, Special EFX), the trio also features bass legend and 3x Grammy nominee, Ric Fierabracci (Chick Corea, Blood Sweat & Tears, Billy Cobham) and drum phenom, Gene Coye (Larry Carlton, Stanley Clarke). TIZER has been proclaimed “A Torchbearer for a new generation of Contemporary Jazz” and has appeared on many premier venues throughout the world including; Levitt Pavilion Pasadena, Pasadena Jazz Fest, Playboy Jazz, Spaghettini Jazz Club, Dubai Jazz Fest, Martinique Jazz Fest, Jarasum International Jazz Fest - S Korea and Newport Beach Jazz Fest to name a few. Tizer Trio will bring their unique blend of original, high-energy jazz to this wonderfully intimate venue for a memorable evening of live jazz not to be missed!


Saturday February 20 7:00 P.M. $20 JANET KLEIN & HER PARLOR BOYS

Inspired entertainers giving quality performances of 1920 and 30s music with merriment and historical illuminations.

Always sells out so hurry. Sold out last time and every other time. A performance beyond all expectations. Solid Fun.

The enchanting and effervescent chanteuse Janet Klein with her 4 member band The Parlor Boys will entertain in a lively Speakeasy Jazz Revue style. This dapper, multi-talented troupe will perform scintillating early hot jazz tunes from the 1920’s and 30’s with authenticity and verve.
Janet has recently been doing voice-overs for cartoons (Adventure Time & Over The Garden Wall) and has a hit song on YouTube from her most recent characterization as the lovelorn school teacher (Miss Langtree) for forest animals in the exquisitely beautiful cartoon called “Over The Garden Wall.” Her song Langtree’s Lament can be seen and heard at ~~~~~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwUoMN3pK_s

Today Janet is the most refreshing anachronism to ever materialize from the ether of the Prohibition. Klein is a channel to a definitive time in American music when bob hairdos were the rage and batting-eyes meant you had a live one on your hands.

Thing is, LA-based Janet Klein and Her Parlor Boys are not nostalgic shtick. She doesn’t merely perform songs from “lost America”—obscure numbers circa 1900s-1930s such as barrelhouse jazz, foxtrots, chansonettes, Tin Pan Alley, ragtime ditties and vaudeville from the Great Depression—she actually lives them, and transports her audiences along the way. Janet considers herself an “archeologist” for digging up buried treasures by the likes of  Wilton Crawley and A.P. Randolf, Robert Cloud, Ruth Etting, Lil Armstrong, Mae West, Annette Hanshaw, Fannie Brice, Josephine Baker and so forth. janetklein.com

Sunday Matinee February 21 3:00 P.M. $18 ERIC RIGLER · DIRK FREYMUTH

Celtic Music from the Tradition to the Movies

"World's Most Recorded Piper" Eric Rigler (Braveheart, Titanic, Austin Powers, Outlander, The Simpsons, Phil Collins, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, etc.) and multi-talented string player Dirk Freymuth team-up to create a soundscape of Celtic spirit and energy. Drawing from haunting Irish melodies, barn-burning jigs & reels, and themes from Eric’s film & television work, the duo produce a hearing-is-believing sonic experience.

Featuring Eric on Irish uilleann pipes and whistles and Dirk on acoustic guitars, the duo will perform not only traditional Irish music but select themes and surprises from Eric’s recording career such as the current STARZ Channel hit series, OUTLANDER, Tom Hanks & Paul Newman’s THE ROAD TO PERDITION, and a special BRAVEHEART and TITANIC tribute to close friend and film composer, the late James Horner.

Eric Rigler's legendary 40-year career on the bagpipes is world-famous. From performing "Amazing Grace" at PRESIDENT REAGAN'S funeral to hundreds of appearances, films and recordings such as BRAVEHEART, TITANIC, MEN IN BLACK 3, CINDERELLA MAN, AUSTIN POWERS to CD's for PHIL COLLINS, JOSH GROBAN, FAITH HILL, KEITH URBAN, ROD STEWART to TV's OUTLANDER, BLACK SAILS, THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CROSSING JORDAN, THE SIMPSONS, and SOUTH PARK, Eric has been called "the most recorded piper in history".

Dirk Freymuth’s gifted and diverse artistry on the guitar spans genres from being a member of the Minneapolis power-pop trio, HINDU RODEO, to Dublin’s BAROQUE ORCHESTRA OF IRELAND. As a studio player he has recorded for the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS, THE PROCLAIMERS, JOHN GORKA and many others.

Website: www.pipesandguitar.com

New CD “Belgrove Road” available at iTunes, CD Baby and all the usual places

Sunday February 21 7:00 P.M. $18

BC Cameron, Dennis C. “Tennessee” Brown and Simeon Pillich

have fun doing what they do, which is play music, sing and entertain. With years of experience among them, they bring an assortment of musical genres to the stage and enjoy every minute of it. They hope that you will too. With guitars, mandolin, bass and a few instrumental surprises, they create an eclectic atmosphere that can be relaxing, touching, rowdy, nostalgic or whimsical. Add a little bit of country, a pinch of folk, a dash of bluegrass, a sprinkle of Irish, and a smidgen of 40’s to a stock broth of comedy and originals and you have the makin’s of a real good “Down Home Time.”

All three were, and are, heavily involved in TV and film as well as a solid history in music.

They are a stage delight and very natural entertainers.

Check out their website at www.downhometime.com

Monday February 22 8:00 P.M. $15. Great Price For a Touring Act of this quality. Warm and toasty. Jazz, Sultry Pop and a bit or Rock. Read the copy.

DANI JOY & THE BOYS.... are an acoustic pop/jazz group similar in style to Peggy Lee, Norah Jones and Suzanne Vega. The group will be performing songs from Dani’s debut album, 'Let Me Introduce Myself’, a delightful collection of familiar jazz, pop and rock tunes sung in a soothing conversational style. For this performance Dani will be supported by Daniel Elliott on vertical bass and Evan Parandes on percussion, who are affectionately known as ‘The Boys’. The evening promises to provide a relaxing, entertaining experience which will have you humming songs from the show on your drive home.

Dani Joy’s 'Let Me Introduce Myself' was released in October to critical acclaim. Along with Dani’s ukulele strumming and captivating voice, the album features an eclectic team of world-class musicians including grammy nominated jazz bassist Brian Bromberg, clarinet and tenor sax man Otis Mourning (founding member of the Wooden Nickel Jass Band), ukulele master Carla Fontanilla (member of the Hawaiian group Kua’aina) and Northern California saxophone session artist Allan Olson.

'Let Me Introduce Myself' kicks off with a reimagined arrangement of Peggy Lee’s song Fever, weaving Dani’s sultry vocal style and Mourning’s expressive tenor saxophone with Bromberg’s masterful bass lines. Dani’s interpretation of Bennie and the Jets by Elton John, respectfully abandons the song’s original rock pallet and instead cradles the familiar melody with smooth bossa nova influences. The song, Toxic, first made famous by Brittney Spears is stripped down to its essence and reconstructed into a lively, toe-tapping acoustic jazz arrangement. The album also contains two original songs composed by Dani, Wasted Time and Sailor Song; singer/songwriter style lyrics set to 40’s style jazz melodies.

Dani Joy’s first foray onto the music scene has unexpected depth to it. Let Me Introduce Myself, is a stunning first impression and will likely remain on your active playlist for quite awhile. To hear clips from the album, visit www.danijoymusic.com


Wednesday February 24 8:00 P.M. $20 Homemade JAM is quintet that features songs from the seminal days of audio recording and broadcasting, including jazzy blues, jug band tunes and popular hits of the '20s and '30s, acoustic-style. Tom Fair, vocals and guitar; Samantha Elin, vocals and guitar; Rob Sandiford, vocals, banjo and dobro; Ed Pausic, upright bass; and Steve Reid, percussion.

The current program by Homemade JAM is titled "Tin Pan Alley... and Then Some."
New, exciting versions of classic tunes such as "Yes Sir, That's My Baby," "On the Sunny Side of the Street" and "Ain't She Sweet?" as well as jug band favorites like "Blues in the Bottle," "Shake That Thing" and more.

Vocalist/guitarist Tom Feher (pka Fair) began his professional career as a songwriter for the pop group The Left Banke in 1966; he's been a music teacher in the LA area for the past 24 years. Rob Sandiford is a seasoned journeyman on guitar, dobro, banjo and mandolin and shares in the vocals. Samantha Elin is a local singer-songwriter-vocalist who's released two CDs.

Ed Pausic, having studied music at Loyala Marymount University, has been a drummer and guitar technician and is currently upright bassist with the group. Percussion is skillfully handled by Steve Reid, a road veteran who's performed with Supertramp and The Rippingtons (which he co-founded). From slinky ballads a la Mae West to rompin' stompin' "poor man's jazz," Homemade JAM is guaranteed to deliver the goods.


Bob Stane says: "This is a party and well worth coming to. We do this every year for a reason."

Annual birthday concert---Now that is something to sing about. Can it really have been a year since we did this last?

Apparently so, and we are still here, so come and share in a joyous evening of music and frivolity.

Don’t forget to call for reservations, it is a small club, and will probably sell out.

MICHAEL MC GINNIS and FRIENDS:....Michael Mc Ginnis; Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Actor, Story Teller, Member of the Original New Christy Minstrels, YMCA Camp Director/Chaplain, (the chaplain part is humorous!) Attention Deficit Survivor, (what?), and otherwise pretty good guy. Listed in the Folk Music Hall of Fame, has played for presidents, queens, and other assorted heads of state,. Captain Kangaroo even recorded two of his songs. (Well actually it was Mr. Moose, but it’s sort of the same thing, and for anybody under thirty/ forty, it doesn’t matter any way.)


Stephen Geyer is the finest guitar player in America today in this writer’s opinion. He has penned a number of chart breaking songs, and will blow you away with his musical energy.

David P Jackson; legendary player of most instruments, Hilariously funny, and a really good guy to have on your side when you’re trying to win over an audience.....

And of course a mystery guest or two……

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 27 7:00 P.M. $20 TAYLOR MADE, The James Taylor Tribute Band, consists of a group of musicians who are dedicated to bringing the uplifting, soulful and memorable sounds of the legendary singer-songwriter to be enjoyed in any setting. Paying close attention to the details of each song, we have crafted a sound that captures the live and recorded experience of listening to James Taylor in concert. The next best thing to JT himself!

Taylor Made consists of  Stephen Bock on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Darryl Lieberstein on bass and vocals, Sheryl Braunstein on vocals, Preston Gould on horns and vocals, Dev Dosaj on keyboards and vocals, Hugh Laxineta on electric guitars, and Clark Pardee on drums.

Whether you are listening to the full band or the "unplugged" version you will be hearing classic JT tunes like Fire and Rain, Mexico and Shower the People, or his famous cover tunes like You've Got A Friend and How Sweet It Is. We believe you will close your eyes and marvel at the way Taylor Made brings the music of James Taylor and his band to life! www.taylormade-band.com

Bob Stane says: This is an excellent Tribute Band and they have a lot of fun doing it. A fine and entertaining act.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON MATINEE February 28 3:00 P.M. $15 (a steal and a gift) Bob Stane says: This is a rare return of this delightful and erudite songwriting couple. Wonderful entertainers and musical masters. Solid song smithing.

MAURA KENNEDY and B.D. LOVE. An encore of quality.

MAURA KENNEDY a master performer and an expert in her craft who also happens to be one-half of East Coast Americana/Folk duo The Kennedys, appears at the Coffee Gallery Backstage as a soloist with special guest, the widely-published poet and lyricist, B. D. LOVE. Since Maura's landmark album, "VIllanelle: The Songs of Maura Kennedy and B.D. Love" was released in 2015, Maura and B.D. have continued to write new songs together, and this show will include songs from the album, as well as new songs to be performed here for the first time in public. Songwriters will be advised to be at The Coffee Gallery Backstage to hear the insights and advice of master songwriter B.D. Love. http://www.maurakennedy.com/highresolutionphotos.html

This is a family-friendly venue, and you can get coffee, softdrinks and snacks in the Coffee Gallery. Tickets $15 Showtime 3pm.

Sunday February 28 7:00 P.M. $20


Two talented all-acoustic bands with strong Southern California roots are teaming up on February 28th to liven up your Sunday evening with some great American music! Expect to hear it all, from simple folk melodies to foot-stomping fiddle tunes, from Appalachian murder ballads to hard-driving Bluegrass. Sharing common musical roots but each branching out in their own way, Burning Heart Bluegrass and Sugar in the Gourd form a perfect complement bound to provide a deeply satisfying musical evening.

There is nothing like the sound of guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and doghouse bass when they get into that special Bluegrass groove. Add to that high-powered vocals and soaring harmonies and you have Burning Heart Bluegrass. This band plays-straight-ahead, hard-driving, "hard-core" Bluegrass. No gimmicks, upgrades, or additives! There must be something to this approach. Since their appearance at the Coffee Gallery last September, BHB has performed at the Logandale AZ Bluegrass Festival, the Big Bluegrass Bash in Culver City, the North County Bluegrass Club in San Diego, and the Blythe CA Bluegrass Festival. The weekend after this Coffee Gallery performance, they'll be back on the road to Lake Havasu AZ for the Bluegrass on the Beach Festival.

Named after a traditional foot stomping fiddle tune, Sugar in the Gourd is every bit as edgy and fun, but has the added depth of beautifully constructed original songs that encompass topics from trains, to drinking, to love, redemption, all the way to a conversation with God. The four women who comprise this delightful Americana/Roots style band, have combined their diverse backgrounds and songwriting talents to form a sound that is as unique as it is captivating. Whether they’re performing an old blues, an original swing tune or an Appalachian style murder ballad, it’s all Americana... new and old at the same time, and irresistible.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 29 8:00 P.M. $20 WENDOLEE THE MEXICANA (Wendolee Ayala, Latin American Singing Star)

THE MEXICANA is a unique show that breaks Spanish- American language barriers and exhibits the deep meaning of  Mexico's most traditional mariachi songs. The songs are sung in Spanish, while the lyrics are displayed simultaneously on a screen in English, making each song performance, a special multicultural interaction with the audience. Spend an evening with Wendolee and her guitarist , it will be a remarkable event to remember !!!

Wendolee, a Mexican Singer/Songwriter, began her career with her participation in the first season of the musical reality show LA ACADEMIA. The highest rated reality television show in Latin Amerian history. She has participated in 22 album collections certified 2x platinum with more than 1.5 million copies sold internationally.

More than 100 concerts through USA and Latinamerica. Her single "La Cachonda" reached the #1 radio spot ( List Monitor Latino in Mexico}, her latest mariachi album " De Corazon Ranchero" was in USA radio stations rated one of the best ranchero albums of 2015.


March 2016
Saturday March 5 7:00 P.M. $25

GRACE KELLY....a sax phenom and gift to the world.


GRACE KELLY joined Jon Batiste and Stay Human on the "Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

-My new CD is out Feb 19th. we will be playing songs from the new CD at The Coffee Gallery Backstage on Saturday, March 5.!

Recently my music video for my single "the other one" premiered on Yahoomusic - https://music.yahoo.com/video/other-one-171412356.html

Also a little bit ago- NYLON premiered my single- http://www.nylon.com/articles/grace-kelly-the-other-ones-premiere

-I am featured (with my band) in the AMAZON PRIME tv show "BOSCH" in season 2, episode 2. It is out March 11.


Trumpeter and Jazz at Lincoln Center Artistic Director Wynton Marsalis was so impressed with Kelly’s three-night stand as guest of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra that he invited her to join the ensemble at the Kennedy Center’s Eisenhower Theater in Washington, D.C. for Barack Obama's Inauguration Celebration.

A fan's comment on Grace:

"We were there (The Coffee Gallery Backstage) with friends. First time we'd ever seen Grace Kelly, and this was one of the most memorable performances I've seen in my life. Grace plays with such incredible feeling and spirit it brings me close to tears at times. Bravo! A performer not to be missed, and we'll certainly go to see her again."

Sunday March 6 7:00 P.M. $20

The Barefoot Movement


It's Bluegrass Roadhouse. The real bluegrass deal from North Carolina widely recognized by the media.

This is a conquer the world pickin' & singin' movement. Become a captive. Four piece band...just right.

THE BAREFOOT MOVEMENT ... All the worries and frustrations of the world melt away as the charming four-piece acoustic band takes listeners back to a simpler place and time. Whether you're seeking emotional ballads or rip-roaring barn-burners, you can expect a collection of music that offers a lot of "something for everyone." With two full length albums, several cross-country tours, and appearances at some of the top bluegrass festivals in the United States already under their belt, the possibilities are endless. The group has enjoyed almost non-stop touring including a trip to Burkina Faso, Africa where they were guests of the American Embassy. Debuting in September, 2014, their third release, “The High Road EP” showcases traditional material that has consistently been among the crowd favorites at their live performances.

Crowding around a single microphone, their show is as fun to watch as it is to hear, and often begs the question, how has no one lost an eye from a collision with the fiddle bow? The smiles on the faces of the band are obvious displays of the joy and excitement they feel when performing and the audience shares in the fun. With effortlessly executed transitions, the pacing between the softer and more vigorous numbers constantly has fans on the edge of their seats.

The "movement" can be traced back to the teen years of singer-songwriter and fiddler Noah Wall, of Oxford, NC. Just as she had begun penning her first compositions, she met mandolinist Tommy Norris their senior year of high school. Convinced of their musical chemistry and driven by mutual ambition, they continued to build the band from the ground up throughout their college careers. While Tommy studied classical music and recording engineering at Western Carolina University, Noah chose East Tennessee State, particularly for their Bluegrass, Old-time and Country Music Program. Here she began to shape her musical identity, under the tutelage of ETSU's renown staff, and found an instrumental home in old time fiddling. With the addition of versatile guitarist and singer Alex Conerly of Hattiesburg, MS in 2013, the lineup was complete with all the elements that make up the Barefoot sound: lush harmonies, thoughtful instrumentation, and memorable melodies.

It has now been five years since The Barefoot Movement took off their shoes and took to the stage. Hard work and talent have taken them from east coast to west, from north to south, and even across the Atlantic Ocean. They have appeared in Country Weekly Magazine, on CMT Edge, Music City Roots, and Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour. Their original music was featured on the Outdoor Channel's program "Huntin' the World: Southern Style" and their music video for their popular song "Second Time Around" has been seen nationally on the Zuus Country Network. They have been selected as showcase artists at both the International Bluegrass Music Association and the Americana Festival conferences and were first runners up at the 2013 Telluride Bluegrass Festival's New Band Competition.

With crowds teeming with enthusiasm at every performance, and new fans joining the fold across the nation, word is surely spreading and the message is clear: barefoot is better. Won't you join the movement?


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