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October 2015
Friday October 9 8:00 P.M. $15

Bob Stane says: We get this act about once every 3 years. Cute and excellent. Fun & Musical. Do not miss out. They tour the entire United States to great success.

Jeni Hankins is a true heiress to the mountain music crown. Call it good. Call it authentic. Call me anytime Jeni is singing and Billy and Craig are playing by her side.” – Rob Weir, Sing Out

One Sentence Description: Original Appalachian Song, Story, and Dance Trio

JENI & BILLY.... with very special guest CRAIG EASTMAN: The cutest duo ever to come from the Appalachian Mountains. Cute, cute and such fab entertainers. Real music and fun.

"There are two kinds of music – the blues and Zip A Dee Doo Dah. That's what Townes Van Zandt said. But there is a third kind, which finds the best parts of both of those kinds of music and turns it into something seamlessly American and wonderful. That third kind is Jeni & Billy music." www.jeniandbilly.com

That's the assessment of Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dillon O'Brian, who co-produced "Picnic in the Sky," the latest studio recording from the Appalachian folk duo.

Novelist Lee Smith says, "Jeni and Billy's stunningly original music is as old as the hills, yet brand new at the same time. Jeni is a true poet and a born storyteller, through and through -- many of her songs contain whole novels."

Jeni Hankins spent every summer of her childhood in the Southwest Virginia homes of her grandmothers — and every summer Sunday in the pews of the Friendly Chapel Church.

“My grandmother’s church was Pentecostal," Jeni says. "People spoke in languages I didn’t understand, they believed in a fire that did not burn, they fell down in the floor, and they sang. They sang loudly and passionately. Their singing got under my skin because it wasn’t for prettiness or show -- they were hollering their story up to God with every ounce of their being. To me this is singing and this is songwriting -- to shout the story of life as an urgent message to the beyond.”

“Hankins’ approach is often compared to that of Hazel Dickens and aptly so,” Rob Weir of “SingOut!” magazine writes. “Though Hankins has a smoother, less nasal voice than Dickens, it has the same born-in-the-bone twang – the kind you don’t get by dressing up country and scouring songbooks. Hankins also grew up in the same contiguous coal mine region that spawned Dickens, and with the same sensibilities: an appreciation for the grace of ordinary people, mountain gospel music, support for miners’ unions, and a gift for finding beauty where less attuned people fail to see it.”

Billy Kemp's schooling in the traditions of mountain music took place in the mill village of Ellicott City, Maryland, among Appalachian migrants who had come to escape the mines and work in the mills, bringing their fiddles and banjos with them. Billy listened and learned becoming a versatile instrumentalist who can soar in any style from Rockabilly to Indian ragas and whose chops as a side man took him right onto the stage of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Billy has opened shows for dozens of folk and roots legends including Johnny Cash, Joe Ely, Merle Haggard, and the Band, and he’s played with them too all the way to Tom Paxton.

"Jeni's songs spring from the true vine,” said Mary Smith, Director of the Richmond (VA) Folk Music Society. “Billy is the perfect partner, skillfully accompanying Jeni with guitar, banjo and harmonies. These two are tradition bearers -- the next generation of traditional music.”

That Southwest Virginia catch in Jeni’s voice blends perfectly with Billy's finely tuned vocal harmonies. Jeni’s solid rhythmic playing provides a solid bed for Billy's syncopated and gorgeously melodic guitar and banjo solos and fills.

CRAIG EASTMAN....Add LA based multi-instrumentalist and New England Fiddle Champion, Craig Eastman, to the mix and the Appalachian soundscape is complete. Jeni & Billy met Craig in 2012 when Craig and Billy were both called in by four-time Grammy winning producer and mixer Dave Way, to overdub on Creed Bratton (of the Office’s) latest record. Jeni & Billy felt a sense of complete musical kinship with Craig. The three first collaborated on Jeni & Billy’s 2014 critically acclaimed Picnic in the Sky record where Craig’s musical storytelling made every song more vivid and poignant. As part of Jeni & Billy’s Big Picnic Band, Craig brings both humor and heart to their recordings and their show, and to hear the three of them have a musical conversation on stage makes your hair stand on end.

After winning the New England fiddle contest at the age of 13 against career fiddlers in the open category in front of an audience of 60,000, Craig went on to work with a who’s who of artists on stage and in the studio, including Steve Martin, Jackson Browne, Elton John, and Lucinda Williams among others. Millions of people across the world have heard Craig’s playing on soundtracks for blockbuster films including The Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango, Black Hawk Down, and Pearl Harbor, to name just a few. He has also composed entire scores for many independent films and, most recently, he wrote the score for Woody Harrelson’s latest project.

As producer Dave way puts it, Jeni & Billy are "the sweetest, most down to earth, good people making music just like that. Their roots run deep.” And when you add Craig’s deep roots to that soil, you’ve got a trio so in tune with each other, they are ready to dig deep and take their audience from the earth to the moon on a single shared note.




ongoing recording sessions are bringing this act to the West Coast. Feast on it while they are here. You will be thrilled with the complexity of  Pete's guitar and the songs written and performed by Pete & Maura. Sheer quality, class and excitement.
Bob Stane says:   A note and warning about THE KENNEDYS....When I went to Folk Alliance exhibits and conferences around America, certain acts were featured. The Kennedys were given an entire house in which to exhibit their show and skills. I got there late
and had to watch and listen through a small window on the sidewalk. No room at the inn.

First....some info about the evening show. Here it is:
THE KENNEDYS..... http://www.kennedysmusic.com/ourphotos.html

"My friends tell me that a Kennedys’ show is the cure for whatever ails you; there’s something infectious in the couple’s way of engaging an audience that repairs decades of  jaded living, reminds you of the joy that music brings, and convinces you that people ain’t so bad after all. If this is true, I’m going to chain myself to a chair at The Coffee Gallery Backstage and let it be done to me.

Music Matters, an online grab bag of music reviews, spent some time saying this, “Their live performances are not only displays of musical harmony, but personal harmony as well. You can hear it in the humorous, good-natured patter between songs. You can see it in their body language as they somehow find a way to touch as they play (without bonking guitars).”

And here’s this from the band’s website, “In a career that now spans two decades, New York duo Pete and Maura Kennedy have traversed a broad musical landscape, surveying power pop, acoustic songwriting, organic rock rooted in their early days in Austin, and a Byrds-inspired jangle that drew the attention of Roger McGuinn, Steve Earle, and most notably Nanci Griffith. The duo co-produced Nanci’s latest CD. http://www.kennedysmusic.com/

On their own recent release, “Closer Than You Know,” the songs have a quality, inherent in Maura’s voice, that is both soothing and urgent.

Sunday October 11 7:00 P.M. $18

I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. with special guest
Brantley Kearns...

“Southern California is a land of strange, dangerous and beautiful contrasts. A mountain lion prowls outside the tract home bedroom of a teenage girl while she talks, oblivious to its existence, on her cell phone. A rattlesnake slithers across an empty shopping mall parking lot on a hot summer night while the employees count up the days profit and turn out the lights. While paparazzi chase the latest talent free celebrity, a talented, literate bunch of soulful musicians create honest and wise roots music for the ages. I See Hawks are indeed one of California’s unique treasures.”
– Dave Alvin
“There is an overall joy that emanates from the Hawks’ music. Acoustic guitar progressions accentuate Celtic fiddle melodies on some songs while the melodies of others are carried by a rock guitar reminiscent of James Burton’s work with Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris. The lyrics display a wry sense of the situation we find ourselves in while remaining hopeful about our future as a species. Other songs display an equally wry approach to the ups and downs of love. This is the music the 1960s counterculture was meant to produce in its brightest hours. The fact that it appears now some forty years later in a world arguably more hopeless is a sign of hope in itself. Despite the echoes of that lonesome whippoorwill, I See Hawks In LA wipes away those tears we are sometimes too blue to cry.”
“Americana, traversing the landscape of the Golden State like Didion on horseback. It’s a divine fusion of humor and twang that’s definitely high, but not that lonesome.”
– Audra Schroeder, Austin Chronicle
I See Hawks In L.A. blend country and psychedelia with soaring three-part harmonies that leave the poseurs of alt-schmaltz dust choked. These guys are the house band for a revolution that isn’t over yet.”
– Michael Simmons, High Times

BRANTLEY KEARNS...Brantley Kearns was a Renaissance man. A trained stage actor as well as a musician, he first came to the attention of the masses and the industry when he started playing with Dwight Yoakam in the mid-'80s. It's Kearns' fiddle playing that kept Yoakam's debut release, Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc. so traditional. The video of the title track also focused on Kearns' magnificent playing style. He was a featured player and background vocalist on Hillbilly Deluxe and Just Lookin' for a Hit, and his background vocals were prominent on Buenas Noches from a Lonely Room. As a player he mastered many instruments; mandolin and guitar were also part of his arsenal. Revered as one of the best fiddle players in the business, Kearns was a favorite around L.A., where he was often a guest on recording sessions and live performances. . Kearns also joined Billy Joe and Eddy Shaver and their band for a tour in support of  Highway of Life, and continued to play, perform, and record with numerous members of the Los Angeles country and roots music community as well as select others from around the country. He returned to the theater now and again, combining his music and acting skills.

Monday October 12 8:00 P.M. $25

BOB STANE SAYS ... all of my life promoting music I had only wild dreams of having THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS grace my stage.
You will try to burn me as a witch for exercising my Black Magic (Bob, how did you do this? How did you get them?) and bagging this act.

You will say "no one could get this act to play a 50 seat venue.?" Get Reservations now (and keep them...do not get distracted). Do not be left out.

Do not miss the opportunity of seeing, and hearing, this delightful and historic show.

GOOGLE.... THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS...... MUSIC SAMPLES....http://www.tannahillweavers.com/music_samples.htm.


THE TANNAHILL WEAVERS are one of Scotland 's premier traditional bands. Their diverse repertoire spans the centuries with fire-driven instrumentals, topical songs, and original ballads and lullabies. Their music demonstrates to old and young alike the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people. These versatile musicians have received worldwide accolades consistently over the years for their exuberant performances and outstanding recording efforts that seemingly can't get better...yet continue to do just that.

The Tannahills have turned their acoustic excitement loose on audiences with an electrifying effect. They have that unique combination of traditional melodies, driving rhythmic accompaniment, rich vocals and humorous chat that make their performances unforgettable. As the Winnipeg Free Press noted, "The Tannahill Weavers - properly harnessed - could probably power and entire city for a year on the strength of last night's concert alone. The music may be old-time Celtic, but the drive and enthusiasm are akin to straight ahead rock and roll."

Born of a session in Paisley, Scotland and named for the town's historic weaving industry and local poet laureate Robert Tannahill, the group has made an international name for its special brand of Scottish music, blending the beauty of traditional melodies with the power of modern rhythms. Over the years the Tannies have been trailblazers for Scottish music, and their tight harmonies and powerful, inventive arrangements have won them fans from beyond the folk and Celtic music scenes. Inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame in 2011, they are firmly established as one of the premier groups on the concert stage. From reflective ballads to footstomping reels and jigs, the variety and range of the material they perform is matched only by their enthusiasm and lively Celtic spirits.

Tuesday October 13 8:00 P.M. $20 Jewish Delights. Tradition and Modern. Three languages.

Always sells out here. Even on Tuesdays. Now !!!! Call Now.

Visiting from NYC, singer/instrumentalist Lorin Sklamberg of THE KLEZMATICS teams with eclectic drum stylist David Ashkenazy for a vocal-percussion celebration of choice ethnic songs (in Yiddish, Hebrew and English) and dances. They also happen to be cousins... this is all the information we have to give to sell The Coffee Gallery Backstage out to the walls.   Jewish folks revel in Lorin’s music, history and nostalgia. The Klezmatics are huge. Spread the word.

Lorin Sklamberg is a founding member of the Grammy award-winning Klezmatics. He has been heard on innumerable recordings and live shows, solo and in collaboration with such diverse artists as Itzhak Perlman (dueting on his original composition, “Nign”), Don Byron, Jane Siberry, Marc Cohn, Paradox Trio, Hip Hop Hoodios, Esma Redzepova, Emmylou Harris, Tracy Grammer, Neil Sedaka and Tony Kushner. His song “Headdy Down” (from the Klezmatics’ 2006 Grammy winner Wonder Wheel: Lyrics by Woody Guthrie) was recently printed in Sing Out! magazine. He has composed and performed for film (including Hilary Helstein’s 2007 documentary As Seen Through These Eyes, narrated by Maya Angelou), dance, stage and circus, and has produced a number of recordings of world and theater music. He also teaches Yiddish song from London, Paris and Weimar to Kiev and St. Petersburg.




MOLLY RYAN and DAN LEVINSON are two of the most in-demand musicians on the New York hot jazz scene. The sweet swingin' sounds of Dan's clarinet and saxophone mixed with the worldly-wise enchanting vocals by Molly, make one recall all of life's beauty. Between the two of them they have performed with the likes of Mel Tormé, Bucky Pizzarelli, Dick Hyman and Wynton Marsalis. They perform worldwide at jazz festivals, concert series’ and can be heard on multiple soundtracks including the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.
Molly Ryan - “A critic's favorite" - so proclaims author and music writer for The Wall Street Journal Will Friedwald in reference to Molly Ryan. Indeed, Molly's silvery voice and lush, elegant vocal style evoke the big band singers of the 1930s and breathe new life into familiar old standards.
Molly has appeared at numerous jazz festivals throughout the country including the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee and the Sweet and Hot Music Festival in Los Angeles, and headlined in Paris at jazz clubs such as the famed Le Petit Journal and Autour de Midi. She has led her own group at Iridium and at Birdland for the club's Sunday evening showcase, "Jazz Party."Molly's debut album Dream a Little Dream was released in 2002. Her second solo album Songbird in the Moonlight came out in 2008. Molly can also be heard on the albums Steppin' Around with Dan Levinson's Canary Cottage Dance Orchestra (Stomp Off Records, 2006), At the Codfish Ball with Dan Levinson's Swing Wing (Loup-garous Productions, 2009), and Four on the Floor with the Palomar Quartet (Loup-garous Productions, 2008). Molly’s new album, entitled Swing for Your Supper, features Bucky Pizzarelli, Randy Reinhart, Dan Levinson, Vince Giordano, Kevin Dorn, Dan Barrett, Mark Shane, as well as guest vocalists Banu Gibson and Maude Maggart. Visit Molly on the web at www.mollyryan.com

DAN LEVINSON - Equally at home as both leader and sideman, Dan's roster of musical associates includes such names as Mel Tormé, Wynton Marsalis and Dick Hyman. Originally from Los Angeles, Dan has been based in New York since 1983, although his busy schedule often takes him around the world. He has performed in Brazil with filmmaker Woody Allen's band, as well as in Japan, Iceland, Latvia, and eighteen European countries. From 1990 to 2002 Dan toured with singer/guitarist Leon Redbone. Since 1993 he has been a member of Vince Giordano's Nighthawks, New York's preeminent 1920s orchestra, with whom he has appeared at Carnegie Hall, on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion radio program. Dan's successful Benny Goodman tributes have been presented both on the East Coast with James Langton's New York All-Star Big Band and throughout Germany with Andrej Hermlin's Swing Dance Orchestra. He has recorded over 100 CDs, including nine under his own name. Dan can be heard on the soundtracks to the films The Cat's Meow, Ghost World, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, and Martin Scorsese's The Aviator, as well as the Grammy Award-winning HBO television series Boardwalk Empire. Visit Dan on the web at www.danlevinson.com.

THURSDAY October 15 8:00 P.M. $15 In from New York City to thrill Southland audiences. Jazz to entertain us all.

JIMMY GRANT ENSEMBLE..... http://www.jimmygrant.net/
"The Jimmy Grant Ensemble performs primarily in the style of Django Reinhardt, infusing swing era pieces, original work, and traditional gypsy tunes with the jazz guitar pioneer’s crunchy rhythms and hot harmonies. Jimmy Grant was recently a finalist in the John Lennon songwriting competition for his original song “Insomnia,” and also had an interview with Guitar World for his “5 in 5? project, in which he wrote five different songs in five days. His style synthesizes a rich blend of  Russian folk, bluegrass, celtic and classical music while remaining true to Django’s innovative guitar technique. The Jimmy Grant Ensemble will bring together two guitars, bass, and violin in an intimate yet energy-charged performance."


Just off of a world tour with Wierd Al Yankovich he can afford to play a big
show at The Coffee Gallery Backstage with his signature slack key Hawaiian
guitar, a singer or two and, of course, at least one hula dancer. How fine.

Maybe even some ukulele strumming. We can smell the flowers.

Jim Kimo West is an award-winning Hawaiian "slack key" guitarist and a veteran of Hawaii's famed slack key festivals where he has performed alongside noted players such as Ledward Kaapana, Cyril Pahinui, Ozzie Kotani, Makana, George Kahumoku and many others. He is known not only for his exciting live performances but also for his many original instrumental slack key compositions as represented in his catalog of five solo CD's.   "Ki ho'alu", as it is known in Hawaii is based on retuning or "slacking" the strings to create new tunings, of which there are many . Kimo has developed a number of his own tunings that give his instrumentals his own unique sound. Other Island acts love "Kimo" and often "big deal" musicians drop by to do up the stage Hawaiian Style. Stories abound.

He is a recent winner of the Hawaii Music Awards, a Na Hoku Hanohano (the Hawaiian Grammy) nominee, and a two time winner of the LA Treasures Award. His compositions have been featured in films, documentaries and national TV commercials. He splits his time between Hawaii and Los Angeles where he also works as a composer for film and TV, and as a producer for other artists.


Saturday October 17 Two Shows. 3:00 P.M. & 7:00 P.M. $25 ea. Bob Stane says: This is a world class act and sells out all shows at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Call in now. Guaranteed excellence. TWO SHOWS.


Voted Male Performer of the Year by the Western Music Association, winner of the Will Rogers Award for Male Vocalist of the Year from the Academy of Western Artists, and a five-time nominee for Songwriter Of The Year  Dave Stamey is one of the most popular Western Entertainers working today. His vast repertoire of classic and original Western folk music represents a link between today's Americana singer-songwriters and the old-time cowboy balladeers. He has delighted audiences in seven states, and has found that he prefers this type of work to being stomped by angry horses.


Sunday matinee October 18 3:00 P.M. $20 IRISH STAR & WORLD CHAMPION FIDDLER

FRANKIE GAVIN....Guinness book of records holder as “The Fastest Fiddle Player In The World,” comes to The Coffee Gallery Backstage. on Sunday afternoon, October 18 at 3:00 P.M.. This one man show will feature Frankie on Fiddle, Viola and tin whistle. For a mere $20 one can see, and hear, FRANKIE GAVIN, a legend of the fiddle and the most famous violinist in Ireland.

Frankie has performed for 4 US Presidents and the Queen Of England, the first Presidental notch on his bow at the age of six , when JFK came to Galway Ireland in that historic visit when President Kennedy came back to The Emeral Isle to visit his ancesteral roots in his homeland town of Moneygal, Ireland.

FRANKIE GAVIN is one of the genuine legends of Irish music. With All-Ireland Championship victories on both fiddle and flute, sixteen albums with the Dé Dannan, seven solo albums, as well as appearances with such luminaries as Earl Scruggs, Stephane Grapelli, Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Elvis Costello and The Rolling Stones. ‘The prince of Irish fiddlers’ is one of the outstanding performers of the past thirty years,” Many, many critics and publications. Part of  Frankie Gavin’s enduring appeal lies in his astounding technical ability and unceasing quest for innovation - musical pieces more commonly associated with the likes of the Beatles and George Frederic Handel are now common place in Frankie’s repertoire as an Irish musician. Most pertinent of all is the knack he has for imparting to his audience his own enthusiasm, the sheer joy, the magic of great music-making.” Irish Music Magazine (the definitieve in Irish Music).

Frankie has also been invited to play for numerous State officials including President John F. Kennedy on historic visit to Ireland. French president Francois Mitterand and England's Prince Charles. Of a special event in America, United States Ambassador to Ireland, Jean Kennedy Smith is reported to have commented that "The best all 'round performance of the entire week at Kennedy Center.” Are we paying attention, here? !!!

Frankie Gavin - The Tolboth Theatre, Stirling, Scotland

"Because he's known as 'The prince of Irish fiddlers', and produces what's ben called 'Irish fiddling as good as it gets', there was high anticipation at Stirling's Tolbooth theatre for the Frankie Gavin show. The crowd wasn't disappointed. He gave a glittering performance over nearly two hours. Yet it was all so laid back. He sat, almost reclining as if in an armchair, the while creating the most spectacular sound from a bow which mostly seemed to be moving within barely four-inch compass. The amazingly tricky fingers seemed equally effortless. They weren't, of course, as when he played 'Carolan's Concerto', using roughly twice the number of notes that even oul' Turlough had planned for... (During this, there was metaphorically the sound of fiddlers in the audience snapping their fiddles over their knees, and vowing to never touch the instrument again!).

Sunday October 18 7:00 P.M. $20 CYNTHIA CARLE & MARTY AXELROD......

Funny Songs You Will Wish That You Had Written. A Lifetime of Wit in every tune. We can only hope to be this clever Someday.

CYNTHIA CARLE... has performed her own songs, on topics ranging from lost love to artificial dog testicles, at venues including Comedy Central Stage's Sit 'n Spin, TopTune, Mbar, Genghis Cohen, Molly Malone's, Witzend, McCabe’s, Firefly Bistro, Talking Stick, Old Oak Cellars, the Fanatic Salon, the Hollywood Fringe, and The Coffee Gallery Backstage. Her screenwriting credits include The Sixth Man and You Wish with Christopher Reed (for which they were Humanitas Award finalists), and the upcoming revenge road-trip comedy Sharkpunching in America. Her vicious alternative musical Christmas show, Christmas Smackdown, written with Mark Nutter, has been in performed in LA, at Chicago's iO, and at the Laurie Beechman in NY. It includes her tunes Angels and Severed Swedish Heads. She was best choreography nominee at the LA Weekly Theatre Awards for Re-Animator the Musical, in which she also played Dr. Harrod and a cookie-throwing zombie Brownie, in LA at the Steve Allen Theater, at the New York Musical Theatre Festival, and at the Edinburgh Fringe. As an actor, she’s been on Broadway in both musicals and non-musicals (she was drawn by Al Hirschfeld in the New York Times with a Nina in her hair), and Off-Broadway. She’s whooshed around in long dresses with corsets and fancy accents at leading regional theaters including the Guthrie and Actors Theatre of Louisville, and in films including Louis Malle’s Alamo Bay, playing a socio-economically challenged trailer-dwelling flower of Texas opposite Ed Harris. As choral geek, she's sung Beethoven's Ninth all over the place including Disney Hall under Zubin Mehta and at the Hollywood Bowl in Gustavo Dudamel's inaugural. You’ll find her songs Angels, Down at the Gitmo, and Passionate on YouTube. She’s thrilled senseless to be sharing the Coffee Gallery stage with Marty Axelrod, as she is his biggest, if not tallest, fan.

Marty Axelrod wants to make you laugh. And shed a tear. Ideally during the same song. And he wants you to keep listening. So he tries to surprise and delight you with each line, each rhyme, each melodic turn. That is his mission as a songwriter. It is not a skill that was taught in his native Cleveland, Ohio. Marty had to spend time in Nashville to study the craft, co-writing with such luminaries as Irene Kelly, Rand Bishop and the late Tim Johnson. One of Marty’s songs was even recorded by folk legend Judy Collins…but it didn’t make the album. Happily ensconced in Northeast Los Angeles, Marty produced and co-wrote the acclaimed concept album Songs of Shiloh with Nicole Gordon. His musical Emperor Norton, co-written with Kim Ohanneson, has had four successful runs in San Francisco and LA. His songs have appeared on HBO’s True Blood, Friday Night Lights and other soundtracks, including a really bad Patrick Swayze movie…but at least Swayze dances to the song. Marty is a member of the six-man songwriter collective Tall Men Group, where he is known for songs about a cat lady and the first guy to make fire. Songwriters are among Marty’s favorite people, and of those, Cynthia Carle may be his musical soul mate. The idea of trading songs with her on the Coffee Gallery (back)stage makes him giddy with excitement.

THURSDAY OCTOBER 22 8:00 P.M. $20 An Argentine Gypsy Jazz “will-o’-the-wisp,” catch him now before he is back on the continent. So fine. He
will capture your musical soul. What a band !!!

GONZALO BERGARA QUARTET.....Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina Gonzalo is considered one of the best Gypsy Jazz guitar players of the new generation. You will hear a mix of Gypsy Jazz and Latin acoustic music with melodies you will not forget. Just back from France to headlining the biggest Django Reinhardt festival in the world. Come check them out in this intimate room.
BIG TIME JAZZ SHOW. Check it out....

Leah Zeger - Violin (Jazz In Leather).
Brian Netlzey - Bass
Jeffrey Radaich - Guitar

I find it difficult for your clientele to realize just how amazing some of your acts are. I can only hope that they go by your word and rep, as you consistently have major big room shows in your tiny tiny room where everyone has a front row seat. Amazing!
Thanks for your efforts ~ Gordy Ohliger.

GONZALO BERGARA QUARTET... Passionate, virtuoso guitar, incredible clarinet player Rob Hardt, and a pumping rhtyhm section. After having toured the world extensively next to the John Jorgenson Quintet, native argentinian Gonzalo Bergara is presenting his new CD Porteña Soledad with glowing reviews all over the world.   Gonzalo began playing professionally at age 16 in Buenos Aires. By 17 he was already fronting his own blues trio on National Television. He arrived in America in the year 2000 and since then he has performed and recorded with hundreds of artists inlcuding Tim Hausser from Manhattan Transfer, Sylvie Vartan, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks, John Jorgenson, Howard Alden and more. His new CD Porteña Soledad was editor’s Pick on Guitar Player Magazine, and Vintage Guitar Magazine called it a Masterpiece. The Gonzalo Bergara Quartet is formed by Gonzalo Bergara on Lead Acoustic Guitar, Jeffrey Radaich on Rhythm Guitar, Rob Hardt on Clarinet and Tenor Saxophone, and David Tranchina on Upright Bass. The music is heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France, all the traditional Jazz and hint of his native land Buenos Aires. "Gonzalo Bergara’s music exists in a way that very little music does. He has lavished such care on every phrase, built each arrangement with such lapidary precision and pared away anything extraneous, the music becomes sculpture. It has weight, density, gravity. This is serious. And deeply moving." Gonzalo has performed all over the world inlcuding Croatia, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, England, Scotland and all of the US. Festivals such as The Montreal Jazz Fest, Playboy Jazz Fest, Sweet and Hot Jazz fest, Django Reinhardt Fest in Germany, Suev guitar fest in Italy, Merle Fest, Strawberry Fest, all fo the Django Fests in the US and lots lots more.

Friday October 23 8:00 P.M. $20 Celebrated everywhere. Unique, creative and so musical. Mesmerizing. You will not forget your evenings with INCENDIO.

BOB STANE SAYS TO HIS BELOVED PATRONS OF THE ARTS....Incendio now fills every show and every seat. I do not like to send you away with "sorry, sold out" ringing in your ears. Call now. You know I like you and want you so let us not pretend. Use the electric telephone now.

INCENDIO....in both Italian and Spanish means “fire” and this moniker is fitting for a musical group whose sound is all about energy, exploration, and passion. At the heart of INCENDIO’s sound is the Latin or Spanish guitar which can conjure up romantic as well as powerful and bold images – they refer to their style as “Latin Guitar World Fusion”. Averaging over 130 concerts a year for the last four years, INCENDIO’s live show has become an explosive improvisatory journey, garnering tremendous audience response in such diverse venues as the Strawberry Music Fest in Yosemite, the Sundance Film Festival, National Gallery of Art in Washington DC, Huntington Arts Festival on Long Island, Ford Amphitheater, California World Festival, the Levitt Pavilions in Pasadena CA, Memphis TN, Westport CT, Bethlehem PA, Arlington TX, and many more.
Their latest summer 2013 release, "The Shape of Dreams" has been hitting #1 on the Amazon.com mp3 charts since its release and is playing on radio stations across the US, as well as Pandora and Spotify. INCENDIO is Jim Stubblefield (guitar), Liza Carbe (bass and guitar), and Jean-Pierre Durand (guitar). This evening the group will be joined by drummer Tim Curle. incendioband.com

Saturday October 24 3:00 P.M. $15 “Los Dos”

Jordan Sollitto & Jose Prieto combine riveting lyrics, disparate guitar styles and haunting harmonies to create an altogether unique -- and beautiful -- sound. Audiences are as enthralled by Jose’s masterful technique – the guy is an astoundingly good nylon guitar player -- as they are by the musical stories told in their stunningly-well-crafted songs. Their set lists combine country, folk, ballads, rock, Spanish rock and instrumentals to take you on an incredibly diverse musical adventure. No less an authority than Herb Pedersen says of  “Los Dos” “Skillful songwriting…that somehow blends flamenco, bluegrass and country…Don’t ask me how they do it…just go hear them!”

Don’t miss their much-anticipated return to The Coffee Gallery Backstage .
Saturday October 24 7:00 P.M. $20 JIM KWESKIN & JULI CROCKETT with Benny brydern & Marquis Howell... what a line up of stars!! Even the
“side men” instrumentalists are renowned and tour the world. Both of great wit and skill. What stagecraft!!

Jim Kweskin & Juli Crockett

Jim Kweskin is probably best known as a singer and bandleader, but he also created one of the bedrock guitar styles of the folk revival, adapting the ragtime-blues fingerpicking of artists like Mississippi John Hurt and Pink Anderson to the more complex chords of pop and jazz. Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band was the original "Americana" band, playing everything from classic blues to hillbilly country, ragtime, jazz, and rock 'n' roll. Kweskin has maintained a remarkably consistent musical vision since his jug band days, continuing to explore traditional folk and blues with the sophisticated sensibility of a jazz musician and traditional jazz with the communal simplicity of a folk artist.

Alabama-born Juli Crockett is a bona fide Renaissance woman: singer, songwriter, playwright, theater director, undefeated professional boxer and amateur champion, ordained minister, Doctor of Philosophy, and leader of the alt-country/Avant Americana genre-defying band The Evangenitals, as well as the Crockett Sisters. (They’re the same band – you choose which name you prefer) -- Jim says, “Juli writes great songs”.

The teaming of Jim Kweskin and Juli Crockett is the happy collision of classic and contemporary Americana music. Together, Kweskin and Crockett performances are celebrations of virtuoso musicianship seasoned with humor and exuberance. They will be joined by super fiddle player Benny Brydern (Hot Club Quartette) and swinging bassist Marquis Howell (Hobo Jazz). Both are regulars with Janet Klein & Her Parlor Boys).

Jim and Juli have a great time singing both old jazzy, folky favorites mixed in with Juli's original (and occasionally irreverent) compositions. Take a wild ride through history and into the future of folk with Kweskin and Crockett.


Sunday Matinee Show October 25 3:00 P.M. $15 Bob Stane says: Grego lives in Japan and teaches English. He fascinates the rest of the world with ingenious puppetry. Adults marvel at his creativity
and the kids believe it as if it were real life. Lots of squealing. Plenty for everyone at a warm, cozy musical outing. I highly recommend this. This is his encore. Very successful the last time at The Coffee Gallery Backstage.

GREGO MUSICAL PUPPETS..adults & kids, everyone wins....a time to laugh and appreciate music together. These are the times of our puppet’s lives.

From Japan with love.... it is time to live and believe. A MATINEE SHOW.

Antique music and multi-instrumentalism morph with puppet creations in this hybrid folk-art cabaret. The instruments, music, and puppets are all either traditional, or original creations rooted in folk tradition. Several historical forms of one-man-band enliven tunes from the thirteenth century to the present on instruments ranging from elegant to fanciful to downright silly. Those include psaltery, bones, stumpfiddle, a couple of rather quirky flutes, and more.

Instruments become puppets, or are played by them. Puppets dance and perform to the accompaniment of music played live, in real time, by the solo performer.

Kids love the snappy tunes and funny visuals. Adults appreciate the technique, originality, and cultural depth. Everybody wins.

Grego, raised in Socal, and long-time greater Bay Area resident, settled in Japan 15 years ago after spending 12 years street-performing his way through Europe and Asia. As the show now mostly plays international stages, this appearance offers a rare local chance to enjoy these mutant puppet-musical inventions.


Sunday October 25 7:00 P.M. $20


CELTIC & IRISH with degrees from Berklee School of music. Phenoms that swing it. String Quartet.  Champions in exciting fields. thefretless.com

THE FRETLESS....is a young and innovative band that melds the worlds of Celtic, folk and chamber music into an amazing and unique sound they like to call rad trad. They may look like a string quartet, but with innovative arrangements and roots deeply based in Celtic and Canadian fiddle styles, The Fretless is creating their own unique path in the music world.
• Three members of The Fretless (Ivonne, Karrnnel and Trent) met many many years ago in the Canadian fiddling and step dancing competition circuit and quickly became great friends and each others best competition! It was only natural that they would all go on to end up individually making names for themselves as Canada's top fiddlers. Winning such awards as BC Provincial Fiddle Champion multiple times (Trent & Ivonne), Saskatchewan Provincial fiddle Champion four times (Karrnnel), Canadian National Fiddle Championship finalists (Trent, Ivonne & Karrnnel), Grand North American Fiddle Champion five times (Ivonne) and finalists (Trent & Karrnnel), European Fiddle Champion (Ivonne); it is clear how they would continue on to much musical success. Ivonne and Trent went on to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, USA. It was there that they met Eric. It's not often that you see a cellist that can play trad and Irish music! They quickly bonded and ended up graduating Magna Cum Laude (with honours) in 2 degrees in Professional Music (Trent & Eric) and a dual major of Music Business & Management and Performance (Ivonne). Collectively they have earned the following prestigious awards:

2014 CFMA Ensemble of the Year

2014 WCMA Instrumental Album of the Year

2012 CFMA Ensemble of the Year

2012 CFMA Instrumental Group of the Year

2012 WCMA Instrumental Album of the Year

Monday October 26 8:00 P.M. $20



Unbelievable richness in traditional and genre-bending jazz music from two internationally-touring artists. Monday night at our cute bistro in Altadena - once again we have two of the very best! Zeger and Inglish met fifteen years ago at opera school and now reunite for an evening of progressive jazz, classical and folk fusion.

LEAH ZEGER plus ERIN INGLISH....Together in a jazz lover’s dream.
Exciting richness in music. Especially for even that cute bistro in Altadena that always gets the best of the best anyway. Leah & Erin spent time together in opera school and now they team up for jazz and ?

BANJO & BACH? REALLY !!! REALY ??? Why not bravely go where no women have gone before? Oh, yes and they sing. A Trifecta.

LEAH ZEGER... http://www.leahzeger.com/ a stunning example of a violinist and vocalist. With her band, Ira Gonzalez- guitar/vocals, Jeff Radaich- guitar, Brian Netzley- bass. Count on the band being made up of big time players. Leah attracts the best. She recorded the music for a season of Warner Brothers’ TV show, "Off the Map."
She performed the Bach Double at Carnegie Hall. LEAH won a scholarship to attend the University of Texas at Austin where she majored in both opera and violin. At 19 years old, while still in college, Zeger won a tenured position in the first violin section of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, becoming the youngest member on staff.

While in the Austin Symphony, Zeger played with soloists including Pinchas Zukerman, Leila Josefowitz, Yo Yo Ma, and Elvis Costello. She also performed with bands such as Pink Martini, The Four Tops, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and was selected to duel on the violin with Charlie Daniels for his classic song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” Zeger has appeared on the television show, Austin City Limits, with both Pearl Jam and Willie Nelson. WOW !!!
That same year, Zeger was also offered a three-year contract with Celine Dion in Las Vegas but turned it down in favor of various touring opportunities. In the last two years, she has performed with the legendary world-music duo, Strunz and Farah, and Argentinian-born gypsy jazz guitarist, Gonzalo Bergara (gonzalobergara.com), at international music festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival, Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, Panama City Jazz Festival, SXSW in Austin, and Jazz at the Olympia in Paris. She has also toured with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and was the concertmaster/soloist for Tony- and Emmy-award winner, actress and singer Kristen Chenoweth (Wicked, Glee).

ERIN INGLISH w/the STRINGTOWN AMBASSADORS: Insightful songwriting, lush harmony singing, and fearless picking, this act features the award-winning songwriting of California banjo chanteuse Erin Inglish (expressive, sassy, dynamic banjo; lush and raw power-house vocals) galvanized by the soaring harmonies, tenacious solos and gritty rhythmic drive of the Stringtown Ambassadors - a rotating collective of passionate and unabashed modern-day minstrels hosted by fiddler and singer Rosalind Parducci. Luminous musicianship and rhythmic groove, Erin Inglish w/the Stringtown Ambassadors present a high-energy, entertaining, positively-charged act - steeped with harmonies and instrumental prowess on the banjo and fiddle accompanied by percussion, guitar, mandolin or bass. (www.erininglish.com, www.stringtownambassadors.com)

ERIN INGLISH is California’s banjo sweetheart! A native of the California Central Coast, Erin delivers a unique presentation of voice and banjo that is reminiscent of the sounds of John Hartford and the activist stylings of  Peggy Seeger. Formerly a mechanical engineer in the field of sustainability, Erin now tours internationally as a folk music troubadour. She has lived in India, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Serbia, and her songwriting reflects her worldly travels and grounding passion for sustainability and art. In April, 2013, Erin released her first solo album titled, “A Melody So Sweet,” and then toured – by bicycle – the entire coast of California to celebrate Earth Month. From the thoughtful and conscientious messages in her songwriting, to her magnetic and entertaining stage-presence, Erin is a consummate performer and humanistic storyteller.





Photo credit Brittany App

Tuesday October 27 7:00 P.M. $10 David Harvey Presents:

$10 cover at the door (cash) - No Reservations
Great music plus an original story, we have it all!

Tracy Newman
Have you wondered where great harmony and brilliantly smart songwriting went to? Well, it's all alive and wonderfully well in the magical music of Tracy Newman. Tracy's songs shine! Tracy has a long and notable background as a multi-talented artist - from folk singer and card flourisher on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, to being a founding member of the famous LA Comedy group The Groundlings, writer on Cheers, Ellen, and co-creator of What about Jim. She won an Emmy for her writing and these days she garners awards for her songwriting, which was her first love. Tracy makes harmony so smart and sexy...And you'll laugh too:-)

Shaun Cromwell

Shaun Cromwell's Roots songs bring a wall of sound with style and passion. His exqMississippi uisite fingerstyle guitar and banjo work channels the deep sounds of the Delta with a contemporary voice - think John Hurt meets Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal. Shaun is a favorite in Folk Festivals and everywhere he performs. He'll be your favorite too!

Hayley Rueger... is a fresh, new face on the Los Angeles singer-songwriter scene. She has an ever-expanding following on her Youtube channel, mightybeans19 where she features new original songs in her "Music MondHays" segments. At age nineteen, Hayley is a coming-of-age artist with a great voice beyond her years.

And Special Guest...

"A Word" With Dylan Brody!
Dylan Brody
is an award winning playwright, a thrice published author, a humorist and a story-teller. He's a writer for the Huffington Post and a new contributor to NPR's OffRamp on KPCC. He is also a martial artist, but those skills will not come into play during the show. Unless something goes horribly wrong. http://dylanbrody.com

Come out for a great night of music. It's good for the Soul!

Wednesday October 28 8:00 P.M. $18 ELLEN & STEVE STAPENHORST with very special guest SEVERIN BROWNE.

GRIT, HUMOR AND MUSICAL FUN as some of the longest running acts who have ever graced The Coffee Gallery Backstage return for a once per year gig. Read the amazing copy.

Watching Ellen Stapenhorst perform in person a number of years ago, the scientist, humanitarian and philosopher Buckminster Fuller told her, “All my life, I’ve dreamed of what humanity could be, and tonight I see it manifest in you.” True story, but instead of figuring her work on this planet was done, she picked up the torch and has continued to inspire enthusiastic audiences worldwide.

From the LA coffee houses of the 60’s, Ellen’s moved on to castles on the Rhine, concert halls in Europe and the Caribbean, and the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre near Denver. She brings a joyful intimacy to venues large and small. Guitar and fiddle in hand, Ellen makes the trek from her Western Colorado home to Southern California with her moving and powerful songs, humor and a love of bringing people together. On the airwaves, Ellen’s “Traveler” rode LA Acoustic Radio’s most requested list for two years, and “Grand Junction” hit the jackpot, being featured on NPR’s Car Talk! Ellen’s recording her fifth album of original songs, a mix of personal tales that touch the heart and the spirit, and often make us cry and laugh in the process. www.ellenstapenhorst.net

Brother Steve Stapenhorst, is a musician and actor with long credits in TV and film, including Mad Men, Dexter and Space Cowboys. On that night long ago, Bucky Fuller gave Steve one of his books, writing, “To Steve Stapenhorst, who is progressively enriching the music of these extraordinary times.” He continues to enrich the music with his ever-fluid guitar, harmonies in the right place, a song or two from his soul and sibling banter that can only surface after their hundreds of years of performing together . . . more or less. They were both in the eclectic Aspen-based band, Tanglefoot, that toured nationally and recorded in the 70’s and early 80’s.

Sharing the bill will be singer and songwriter extraordinaire Severin Browne. A frequent performer at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, Severin is one of the most respected and popular musicians in LA acoustic music, solo and as part of The Tall Man Group. He has shared stages with the Kingston Trio, John Hartford, Kenny Rankin, Country Joe and the Fish, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee, Delaney Bramlett, and his brother Jackson. But still, Ellen and Steve feel fortunate to call Severin a friend, and wish Bucky could have heard him! www.severinbrowne.com

Friday October 30 8:00 P.M. $20




is an exciting and innovative international quartet playing World Music infused with jazz, rock and classical meanderings. The group consists of voice, two guitars and percussion. Almer Imamovic is a classical guitarist originally from Bosnia who grew up playing folk music from the Balkans while playing electric guitar and bass in Rock Bands across Europe. Vocalist, Abram Poliakoff is a California native who comes from the classical vocal traditions but moves seamlessly from Verdi, Jobim and Bosnian Sevdalinka. German drummer extraordinaire Till Richter brings his magical touch and good taste to the group adding layers of sound, bringing the music to new heights. Guitarist Tyler McCarthy is a jazz master who beautifully compliments the style of  Almer and brings his deep understanding of  harmony and improvisation. The end result is a musical quartet that pushed the boundaries of music and dares to bring something new and original to the scene! www.almanovaduo.com

Novembeer 2015



November 1 3:00 P.M. $18

Bob’s Comments: June 14, 2015. A matinee show.  40 people at $18 for a matinee. Class show. Folks loved it. Great guys and solid musicianship. Good humor by all. Witty. Mildly exotic. Sharp and worthwile. A fun and satisfying afternoon. A must.  At least 4 members and others drop by to share
the stage.

THE GARLIC BAND....with the well known and irrepressible Miamon Miller and Nick Ariondo.

We brought them back just for you. An uptempo visit to Romania with all the danger, adventure and wild and wonderful
music. A matinee for those of you afraid to go out after dark. We like those traits. Join us for the adventure.

What better way to celebrate than sharing an afternoon with the Garlic Band. Whether it’s to the banks of the Tisa or the foothills of the Tatras, whether Romanian, French, jazz à la Reinhardt/Grappelli, Rom (Gypsy), or original compositions, you’ll hear music with an authenticity and pungency that only the Garlic Band can deliver.

The Garlic Band: Whether it’s to the banks of the Tisa or the foothills of the Tatras, whether Romanian, French, jazz à la Reinhardt/Grappelli, Rom (Gypsy), or original compositions, you’ll hear music with an authenticity, virtuosity and pungency that only the Garlic Band can deliver.

The band is led by Miamon Miller (violin/viola) and includes Cory Beers (cimbalom/tupan and Simeon Pillich (bass). These three musicians have blended their talents and expertise to form an ensemble that respects tradition and encourages creativity. For more information regarding the Garlic Band,

Nick Ariondo:

The Garlic band is delighted to have as its special guest, Nick Ariondo. Internationally known as a virtuoso accordionist and composer, Nick is a double Grammy award winner with the Los Angeles Opera Orchestra. He has worked with luminaries including Placido Domingo and Paul McCartney and his Youtube videos have reached over a million viewers worldwide.

For more information on Nick Ariondo and the Garlic Band go to www.GarlicBand.com or www.NickAriondo.com




reunites Riders Mike Ley on bass and vocals (Nobody Kisses Their Horse Anymore), Evan Marshall on mandolin, fiddle, and vocals (solo mandolin / Billy Tell Overture), Doug Livingston on steel guitar and piano (studio and touring great), and Steve Swartout on drums. Karen Mitchell fronts the show, featuring her dynamic soulful renditions of At Last, Cowboy's Sweetheart, Mambo Italiano, and So Many Men. She will lead the group through a variety of  Classical, Western, Italian, and American Classics, for a wonderful evening of intimate top-notch entertainment.


We welcome you to our first show!


1-Diane Bouska-Guitar-vocals
2-Herb Pedersen-Banjo-vocals
3-Bill Bryson-Bass-vocals435
4-Blaine Sprouse-Fiddle
5. Roland White, Mandolin

After a distinguished career devoted to playing bluegrass in several of the most popular and influential groups in the music’s history, Roland White has recently embarked on another chapter of personal musical discovery, fronting his own bluegrass group, The Roland White Band.  Roland is known as one of the few unique stylists on the mandolin, with his own unmistakable sound and touch. His gifts as a musician have delighted audiences everywhere: his vitality, soul, and infectious rhythm enable him to speak and even dance through his instrument. Add to this his mastery of ensemble playing, harmonic sophistication, and warm voice guided by a subtle and swinging sense of phrasing, and you have the legend of bluegrass that Roland has become.

Springing from a large family of musicians, They formed The Kentucky Colonels influence who’s has far exceeded the band’s short tenure as an active band. Their "Appalachian Swing" album remains one of the most influential albums of that era. Roland’s tradition-based yet imaginative mandolin playing alongside Clarence’s breathtaking guitar virtuosity make this an indispensable item in any true bluegrass aficionado’s collection. During the years the Kentucky Colonels were together, they featured such great musicians as Roger Bush, Billy Ray Lathum, Leroy Mack, Bobby Slone, and the legendary fiddler Scott Stoneman. Moving from The Kentucky Colonels into a position as guitarist for Bill Monroe in the late ‘60s, Roland absorbed the traditional feel and repertoire from the acknowledged Father Of Bluegrass that remains a strong element in his music today. He also took part in several landmark recording sessions while a Bluegrass Boy, among them The Gold Rush, IsThe Blue Moon Still Shining, Crossing The Cumberlands, Sally Goodin, Kentucky Mandolin, and The Walls Of Time. From Monroe’s band, Roland moved on to that of another bluegrass pioneer, Lester Flatt, playing mandolin and recording several albums as a member of The Nashville Grass from 1969-1973. He then spent thirteen years with the progressive west coast group Country Gazette, with such bluegrass luminaries as Byron Berline, Alan Munde, Joe Carr, and Roger Bush. The Nashville Bluegrass Band distinguished themselves as the premier bluegrass band of their generation, winning two Grammys and Grammy nominations on all of their albums.


The Roland White Band’s debut album Jelly On My Tofu was nominated for the Best Bluegrass Album Grammy in 2003.

November 5. 8:00 P.M. $20

The Tall Men Group return to The Coffee Gallery Backstage on Thursday, November 5th. This will be their official release party for the new album “2 Tall”. It also happens to be Martall’s Birthday that night. They will be celebrating with a very special and intimate “Unplugged” performance. You won’t want to miss this show. They have sold out their last three shows here. Please reserve your seats early.

THE TALL MEN GROUP...... brings together six of the finest singer/songwriters in Los Angeles. Severin Browne, Edward Tree, Jimmy "Muffin" Yessian, Marty Axelrod, Jeff Kossack and John Stowers have been meeting once a month since 2012 to enjoy Jimmy's cooking (a lot!) and bring in songs written to a new theme each month. The very best of those songs are arranged for the band, then included in the stage show.

The Tall Men show is rich with brotherly rapport, crafted harmonies, stories and musicianship. But that's only the "icing". The "cake" is songwriting at a very high level -- accessible, fresh, original, often funny, always moving. Audiences from Oregon to San Diego rave that "every song is a gem".

Always a robust and creative night. Fun, funny and creative.

Friday November 6 8:00 P.M. $18



Bob Stane says, “TERESA TUDURY stands (well, sits) on my stage as one of, if not “the,” female tripple threat big hitters of music, comedy and stagecraft, to ever massage a microphone at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. I can never get enough of her.” “This has to be one of the big bargains and amusements for the ages. A cure for depression.”


Wear a brace on your funnybone and prepare to enjoy creative, intelligent music.

Hold on to your seats as Teresa Tudury takes you on a musical journey of wild and powerful songs and stories from the depths of her incredibly rich and inspiring repertoire. Teresa Tudury is an absolute original. From her San Francisco roots to the Greek Islands to New York and LA, she wakes up the music scene. Teresa creates a loyal following and rave reviews wherever she performs. Our world is richer with such a rare talent in our midst. Part chanteuse, part comedian, part bona fide pop artist…and a voice that could stop a war.” —Buzz Weekly. Picture a cross between Bette Midler and Bonnie Raitt musically, and toss in the most side-splitting stage patter imaginable, and you have Ms. Teresa Tudury.” —Johnny Angel, LA Weekly. Teresa will do her "tomcat song" and you will, forever, attend her shows just to request that she "sing that cat song." You will be addicted. And she is a real singer!

“ I think ‘Cheering Your Little Ass On’ is the greatest song ever written.”—Charles Perry, Rolling Stone and LA Times. "Leonard Cohen meets Bessie Smith " -- Fan overheard at a "Teresa " concert. With a deep, sultry voice that magnetizes audiences, and a scathing comedic wit to match, Teresa sings with power, verve, passion, and disarming humor. Her vocal stylings are perfectly complemented by her bluesy guitar playing.
Teresa has recorded or performed with such greats as Leonard Cohen, Rickie Lee Jones, Lyle Lovett, Taj Mahal, Leo Kottke and Bonnie Bramlett. Her new CD, 'Such Fine Things' joins the recently re-released CDs 'Teresa Tudury' and 'River of Life' in retail stores and online music sites.



Saturday November 7 3:00 P.M. $20

THE NE’ER DUWELS.. are very pleased to announce the release of their long awaited debut album, titled “Ne’er Duwels” and are thrilled to be returning to the Coffee Gallery. This album, as well as their live performance, is best described as "traditional Irish music meets modern world sounds and rhythms".
The "real deal" from Ireland, Ken O’Malley's rich, resonant voice and engaging stage presence have delighted audiences for over 30 years. "He holds nothing back. Whether singing a passionate ballad, playing a solo on the mandolin, or explaining the gloriously sad history of Erin his homeland, Ken O’Malley is all-in, wide open to the world, and as true as an arrow’s flight. Ken’s fine tenor voice could carry him through a show all alone, but he backs himself beautifully on guitar and mandolin. . . .His wonderful wit and good humor draw us in and carry us along, and the beauty of his songs, both traditional and original, fills us with irresistible joy."
Joining Ken onstage is Patrick D'Arcy, also from Dublin, one of the finest uilleann pipers in the United States. Patrick has toured extensively with many well known artists throughout the world and is also a talented pennywhistle and bodhran player. He is an expert on the culture and history of the Irish pipes and as such is a much sought after teacher and consultant. His work has been featured in many film, television and live theatre productions.
Bryan Dobbs is the “sound” of the Ne’er Duwels. Originally from New Mexico, Bryan adds the mysterious, the romantic and the attack that traverses the musical spectrum, accompanying on the mandolin, the acoustic guitar or the very creative, innovative sounds of his Fender Stratocaster.
Grammy award winning percussionist Forrest Robinson provides the heartbeat of the ensemble. An alumni of the University of  Tennessee at Chattanooga, Forrest has traveled the globe to perform with such artists as India Arie, Victor Wooten, Arrested Development, TLC, and many others. A lover of Celtic music and rhythms, Forrest drives the rhythm that combines The Ne’er Duwels' unique, eclectic blend of traditional Irish music and song with a modern, electronic edge.
The band began two years ago when Ken enlisted Bryan and Pat to join him for a weekend of shows in a casino near Las Vegas and it was there that the magic began. Later, Forrest met Ken at one of his solo concerts at the Coffee Gallery, another flame was lit and the four became the Ne’er Duwels.
Catch them now, at the Coffee Gallery, before they begin touring to promote their new album. More information may be found at www.neerduwels.com.

Saturday November 7 7:00 P.M $20


THE FOLK COLLECTION.... could just as well be named the "Singing the Classic Songs of the '60s Folk Era" group. Tony Unger, Ed Labowitz and Mike Sirota, along with bass man Bob Packham, grew up in the 1960's, when we fell in love with the story songs and 3-part harmonies of that acoustic era. Ed and Tony have been a duo on and off since our days at Hollywood High School. Mike joined the group in 2003, and Bob in early 2005.

Much of the repertoire is familiar to audiences of all ages. We have been influenced by the well-known groups of the era, but we have our own blend, sound - and humor. Audiences get a real kick out of our unique medley arrangement of the great TV Western theme songs of the '50s (including songs from the hit shows "Rawhide," Davy Crockett," "Maverick," and "Bonanza").
We grew up loving folk music, and the turnouts at our shows confirm that we have struck a "chord" with audiences of all ages, who really like listening to the words and harmonies - and joining in when the mood and song fit. Our show is centered around folk music and good clean jokes. We are family friendly, and our audiences are often multi-generational - children, parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents often enjoy The Folk Collection together. Don't miss an opportunity to share an evening with THE FOLK COLLECTION. You will leave singing, toe-tapping, and smiling.

The Folk Collection is a high energy three-part-harmony folk trio based in Southern California. Our music is a tribute to the songs made famous by The Kingston Trio, The Limeliters, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver and other great artists of the folk era. From "Blowin' in the Wind" and "This Land is Your Land" to "Four Strong Winds" and "Greenback Dollar." our shows are nostalgic and entertaining. We are family friendly, blending our music with jokes and humor.
It's okay to sing along... Most People Do! www.thefolkcollection.com

Sunday November 8 3:00 P.M. $15

Tumbleweed Rob & The Southwest Junction is an all acoustic, Western Americana / Country Folk Music Group that has been lighting up the stage everywhere they go. As one of their devoted fans from Arizona recalls, "Four pleasant guys hit the stage, a bunch of pallets on a dirt floor. No matter because they started the set, and we were amazed! The best ear candy in the world, and I’m not talking cheap jelly beans but the best sweet, savory, dark chocolate!"

With Lead Vocals by Rob Wolfskill along with the harmony and intensely dazzling musicianship of three of the best and finest musicians working in Acoustic Music today, Craig Ferguson, Guitar, Jesse Olema, Fiddle and Chris Rolontz, Upright Bass, these fellas are definitely breathing new life into the Western Americana Music genre! Their first album, A Fork In The Road premiered at #2 on the Western Music Charts and received critical acclaim as well as radio airplay all around he world!

“Tumbleweed Rob” Wolfskill is a veteran performer who is best known as the leader of one of the top acts in the Western Music genre called The Tumbling Tumbleweeds. His new project, Tumbleweed Rob & The Southwest Junction, features contemporary songs written by Rob along with some cleverly reworked old Cowboy/Western standards and Classic Rock and Pop songs. There are some fun surprises too so, expect the unexpected but rest assured, you'll probably catch yourself singing along!


From tender ballads, bouncy pop tunes, shufflin’ honky tonk to western swing and two-step, Tumbleweed Rob & The Southwest Junction’s got it all!
WMA Best Traditional Album Award
WMA Crescendo Award
AWA Western Music Group of the Year

SUNDAY November 8 700 P.M. $20

FESTIVALS...ON AND ON. A MUST. Who knows what will really happen and who will be a guest star.

ERIC RIGLER with guest Guitarist DIRK FREYMUTH.
Read the copy below. Sensational !!!

"World's Most Recorded Piper" Eric Rigler (Braveheart, Titanic, Austin Powers, Outlander, The Simpsons, Phil Collins, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, etc.) and guitarist Dirk Freymuth team-up to create a soundscape of Celtic spirit and energy. Drawing from haunting Irish melodies, barn-burning jigs & reels, and themes from Eric’s film & television work, the duo produce a hearing-is-believing sonic experience.

Eric Rigler's legendary career on the bagpipes is world-famous. From performing "Amazing Grace" at PRESIDENT REAGAN'S funeral to hundreds of appearances, films and recordings such as BRAVEHEART, TITANIC, MEN IN BLACK 3, CINDERELLA MAN, AUSTIN POWERS to CD's for PHIL COLLINS, JOSH GROBAN, FAITH HILL, KEITH URBAN, ROD STEWART to TV's OUTLANDER, BLACK SAILS, THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, CROSSING JORDAN, THE SIMPSONS, and SOUTH PARK, Eric has been called "the most recorded piper in history".

FOR A WOW !!! WEB PAGE....http://www.badhaggis.com/

And Google....Eric Rigler. What an accomplished star.



Folk powerhouse pair The Small Glories are Cara Luft & JD Edwards, a dynamic new duo planted on the Canadian Prairies. They are a study in contrasts; at first glance few would peg them for a highly creative musical partnership. Yet these two veteran singer/songwriters have teamed up and are building a buzz around their tight harmonies, authenticity and visceral performances. Together as The Small Glories, Luft and Edwards are a tour de force, a case of 1 + 1 = 3. https://youtu.be/DghNgN6lJSg

Cara, all earth mother on her 21-speed bike, helmet and backpack, environmentally friendly and wholesome, ebullient and engaging; and burly JD, looking like a cross between a biker and long-haul trucker in scruffy beard, ball cap, t-shirt and jean jacket, slightly intimidating (until you meet him). At first glance few would peg them for a highly creative musical partnership. Yet these two veteran singer/songwriters have teamed up and are already building a buzz around their tight harmonies, authenticity and visceral performances. Luft is a Juno award winner, co-founder of folk trio THE WAILIN' JENNYS, and a touring road warrior. She has earned a solid reputation as an exciting live performer, accomplished guitarist, clawhammer banjo player and insightfully honest songwriter. Cara’s the real deal, there’s nothing pretentious about her. Edwards has a voice that defies categorization, one that easily ranges from gentle and melodic to fierce and powerful, leaving listeners begging for more. He is truly one of the finest singers of his time. Mix that with honest, passionate songwriting and it’s easy to see why he’s an enchanting musical powerhouse.

Wednesday November 11 8:00P.M. $20

The Burgans with Terry Rangno.

Jerry Burgan, the co-founder of  We Five (and author of "Wounds to Bind - A Memoir of the Folk Rock Revolution") will be joined by Debbie Burgan, the group's lead singer and We Five bassist, Terry Rangno, in a power trio singing classic folk songs of the 50's and 60's. From Irene Goodnight to You Were On My Mind, songs are memorable, the music is great, the stories are fun, and nobody does it better. This will be a special show you won't want to miss....

Tuesday November 17 8:00 P.M. $20

Swept the Maritime Fiddle Championship (http://www.maritimefiddlefestival.ca/) becoming the first-ever American to defend the title.

How many total championship titles do you have at this point? Her manager says, “ Bob, you should see her shelf with all of her trophies and awards ...
2-time Maritime Fiddle Champion (something I'm told no other U.S. fiddler has ever accomplished), I'm also the reigning National U.S. Scottish Fiddling Champion. And, more importantly, we have a really great show planned for you folks! I'm very excited to come play on Tuesday!

MARI BLACK & Her World Fiddle Ensemble..

I can assure you that Mari and her World Fiddle Ensemble are a show-stopping act and they have been asked back to every venue and every audience they have played on either coast. I am very confident that The Coffee Gallery Backstage will be no exception.

Multistyle violinist and champion fiddler MARI BLACK is rapidly building a reputation as one of the most dynamic young artists of her generation. Her energetic playing, engaging stage presence, and commitment to bringing people together through music have made her a favorite with audiences across the country and around the world. As the reigning U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion and a master of diverse musical styles, Mari's shows feature her fresh dance-driven music that transcends genre and innovatively blend Celtic, American, and Canadian fiddling, jazz, tango, klezmer, folk, original works, and more. Together with her World Fiddle trio, including a contrabass and a pianist, Mari Black will take you on a high-energy tour of dance music from around the world -- brilliant Celtic step dances, classic swing tunes, luscious South American tangos, spicy International folk dances, and more. The show will have you tapping your toes and jumping out of your seat to participate! www.MariBlack.com

"One of the brightest young fiddlers around today" -- Brian O'Donnovan, host of WGBH radio's "A Celtic Sojourn"

“Superb, inspiring, and unforgettable! Her magic is such that she sweeps audiences along with the sounds she and her instrument make.”
-- Willie Ruff, Director of the Ellington Fellowship Jazz Series, Yale University

“Particularly impressive”
-- The Boston Globe

“I don’t know any musician who has crossed as many boundaries as Mari has -- from folk to jazz to classical to world music. Actually, for Mari Black, there are no boundaries.”
-- Tim McLaughlin, concert presenter



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